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Art In Transit

#Tracktakeover at Walnut-Locust

February 13, 2019

Track takeover 1

City Fitness and Rory Creative have partnered with Intersection to display original artwork throughout the city’s SEPTA’s subway system for all of 2019. #TrackTakeover, an evolution of 2018’s #TrashcanTakeover, commenced on February 12 with a first-of-its-kind art exhibit when all 110 advertising spaces in Walnut-Locust Station were replaced with various mediums of artwork from 30 Philadelphia artists, such as Loveis Wise, Gloss Black, and Dewey Saunders. After this station-specific exhibit ends on March 10, the 30 pieces of art will be installed periodically throughout SEPTA’s entire subway system to fill advertising space for the remainder of 2019.

The exhibit at Walnut-Locust activates all areas of the subway station in order to celebrate the artists and maximize the impact on you, our customers. In the entrance of the station, each artist has a dedicated vinyl print that previews their work, provides a short bio, and includes a headshot and their Instagram handle. After you pay your fare, you will pass kiosks that serve as a “directory” for the exhibit below. And, finally, while waiting for their trains underground, you'll see each of the 30 original works displayed on walls across the tracks, with attribution labels. 

#TrackTakeover media partners, Streets Dept and Peopledelphia, shared a “Call For Artists” on their Instagram profiles and the 30 artists were selected by City Fitness and Rory from an applicant pool of 506. Check out @tracktakeover on Instagram for all the art!