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SEPTA Lowers Minimum Load on Key Cards to $1 at Station Kiosks

June 11, 2019

In response to customer feedback, we're lowering the minimum load for the Travel Wallet on SEPTA Key cards to $1 at station kiosks!

The previous minimum load was $5.

SEPTA has been testing $1 minimum loads at selected kiosks this spring, and it is now available for customers at 12 stations on the Market-Frankford and Broad Street Lines. Current locations include:

💵 Frankford Transportation Center

💵 69th Street Transportation Center

💵 Olney Transportation Center

💵 52nd Street

💵 Walnut-Locust

💵 Snyder

💵 15th Street

💵 Ellsworth-Federal

💵 Spring Garden (BSL)

💵 North Philadelphia

💵 60th Street

💵 30th Street (MFL)

The $1 option will be added at more station kiosks each week, and it will be available at all Market-Frankford and Broad Street Line stations by Monday, July 8, 2019.

The $1 load option is available for customers using cash, debit or credit cards for transactions at SEPTA Key Kiosks.

We're making this change in response to feedback from customers who have asked for a lower minimum load.

With the $1 option, customers have more flexibility to add funds to their Key card as they travel.

By using the Travel Wallet on the Key card, customers ensure that they get the discounted $2 single-ride fare and eligible $1 transfers.

This is the latest change made to the SEPTA Key in response to customer feedback – and the second aimed specifically at addressing the concerns of riders who may need to replenish their Travel Wallet on a daily or per-ride basis with cash.

SEPTA took a first step in this direction last year in lowering the minimum Travel Wallet load from $10 to $5.

SEPTA reminds all customers to register their SEPTA Key card as soon as they purchase it to protect against loss and theft. Also, by registering within 30 days of their purchase, you will receive a credit to your Travel Wallet for the $4.95 new card fee.

Key cards can be registered online at or by calling the SEPTA Key Customers Call Center at (855) 567-3782.