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Tap-to-Exit at Suburban Station

February 3, 2020

SEPTA is moving forward with the implementation of SEPTA Key on Regional Rail with an important change at Suburban Station.

Beginning Wednesday, February 5, 2020, customers with SEPTA Key cards and SEPTA Key Senior ID Cards will need to "tap to exit" or TAP OUT at designated turnstiles in Suburban Station. Customers with magnetic stripe passes can swipe to exit at any turnstile.

Just as you TAP IN at the end of your day, TAPPING OUT means you need to have your SEPTA Key card or TrailPass readily available when moving through the turnstiles in the morning.

To start, just turnstiles in Section B at Suburban Station will be included in this program. There will be signage/floor decals directing customers to the tap-to-exit turnstiles.

Customers with paper tickets and cash receipt can continue to use turnstiles that are not designated for tap to exit.

This follows the rollout of Tap to Exit at Jefferson Station. We plan to implement tap to exit at all of the Center City Regional Rail stations. This will help customers prepare for the full implementation of SEPTA Key on Regional Rail including the introduction of Travel Wallet this spring.

When SEPTA Key is fully implemented on Regional Rail, tapping in and out will be required at the gated Center City stations. It will also be important for customers to tap in and out at their home stations to open and close their trips. This ensures you are paying the correct fare, consistent with the TrailPass you have purchased, and eventually, for single-ride fares paid for with Travel Wallet.

TAPPING OUT does not count as another trip on your TrailPass nor will it double-charge your Travel Wallet. These taps provide us with real-time info we can use to see when customers are traveling through our stations and in what direction, which stations have the most boards, and more.

Every tap helps to SHAPE THE FUTURE of SEPTA so that we can do a better job serving you.