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SEPTA Key Cards Available at Select Regional Rail Ticket Offices

September 9, 2019

As the summer rolls to a close this month and SEPTA Key continues to roll out on Regional Rail, we want to update you on some exciting news!

On or about September 11, 2019, we will begin a pilot to sell SEPTA Key cards and offer reloads at the following outlying SEPTA Regional Rail Ticket Offices:

♦ Swarthmore

♦ Ambler

♦ Villanova

♦ Conshohocken

♦ Philmont

Ticket Agents at these stations will begin selling SEPTA Key cards. The sales windows will be open regular hours. They accept cash, credit, and debit.

You will be able to purchase:

♦ Weekly/Monthly TrailPass – Zones 1, 2, 3, Anywhere

♦ One Day Independence Pass

♦ Weekly/Monthly TransPass – Not Valid for Weekday Travel on Regional Rail

Don't forget to register your Key card at Doing so not only protects your card if it's lost, it also will automatically refund the $4.95 cost of the card - placing it in the Travel Wallet which can be used to purchase future pass products.

Customers who purchase Monthly Parking Permits with their Monthly TrailPass and customers purchasing Monthly TrailPasses through ComPass, WageWorks, Wired Commute, or other corporate programs that provide passes directly to customers should continue to purchase their legacy TrailPasses as they do today. And, customers who currently purchase Tickets (single and 10 trip) should continue to do so.