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Lansdale is a borough in Montgomery County – located northwest of Philadelphia. Like many of Montgomery County's historic downtowns, Lansdale is a community on the rise. Its dining scene continues to grow with award-winning restaurants dotting its main street. First Fridays are a great time to discover this hidden gem near the center of MONTCO.

How to get there

The Lansdale/Doylestown Line makes three stops in Lansdale including Lansdale Station in downtown Lansdale, Pennbrook Station in the southern part of the borough, and 9th Street station in the northern part of the borough.

Three SEPTA bus routes stop in Lansdale. The Route 94 connects the southern part of Lansdale with the Montgomery Mall and Chestnut Hill; the Route 96 connects Lansdale with the Norristown Transportation Center; and the Route  132 connects the borough with the Montgomery Mall and Telford. 


There are many ways to get here on SEPTA, there are also many ways to pay. Click here to learn which fare is best for you.

Things To Do

The Lansdale area is home to some of MONTCO's best and most unique attractions. Explore the historic Morgan Log House, sip some jalapeno wine from Boyd's Cardinal Hollow Winery or enjoy a burger at Stove & Tap. And that's just a taste of what you'll find in Lansdale.

Stone and Key’s cellar staff crafts wines from over 15 distinct varietals each year, while producing ciders from some of the best apples PA has to offer. The winery currently offers patrons a unique, hands-on experience creating their own wine at their state-of-the-art production facility. While making wine at Stone & Key Cellars, you’ll experience centuries-old winemaking techniques, including: crushing and de-stemming grapes, pressing wine, the art of blending, and lastly, bottling. Learn more about this winery by clicking here.

Lansdale is also home to the the Kugel Ball [aka a floating sphere fountain] which you can find in Railroad Plaza - adjacent to Lansdale Station! 

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