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Perks Customer FAQs

What is Perks?

Perks is designed to reward SEPTA Key cardholders with discounts to a wide variety of establishments throughout the region. Just flash your SEPTA Key and you’re an instant VIP.

Why do I need a SEPTA Key to receive Perks?

SEPTA wants to reward its riders who express their loyalty by making a commitment through the purchase of a SEPTA Key card.

Can I use an expired SEPTA KEY card to redeem a Perk?

No. Only valid SEPTA Key cards are eligible.

Do I need to provide any personal information to redeem a Perk?

No. To receive a discount you just show your SEPTA Key card or enter the special code with any of our online Partners.

Do I ever surrender my SEPTA Key card to receive a Perk?

No. You must only present it or enter the special code with any of our online Partners at the time of the transaction.

What should I do if an establishment refuses to offer their Perk to me?

Ask to speak to the manager. It may just be that the information hasn't worked its way through to all employees. If you still don't get results, let us know and we will follow up.

Will Perks change?

New Perks will appear on a regular basis and current Perks may be changed to accommodate specific events and specials. So, check the Perks page often!

Can Perks be discontinued without notice?

Yes. The Perks Partner can opt to pause or cancel their Perk.

I don't see my favorite store/service/entertainment/hot spot listed.

Our goal is to enlist as many Partners as possible. Ask the manager to visit our website, or let us know and we will reach out!

Perks Partner FAQs

How much does it cost to participate in Perks?

There is no cost to becoming a Perks Partner.

What is required for my business to become a Perks Partner?

You must agree to extend a discount or other offer to customers with a SEPTA Key card.

How can this program help my business?

Perks are promoted on ISEPTAPHILLY.COM, social media (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram), and throughout the system/region. It's a way for SEPTA to reward its riders while providing a promotional boost to our valued Partners.

Can I change my Perk?

Yes. To submit a change, please email [email protected].

I wish to speak to someone about becoming a Perks Partner.

Contact [email protected]. In your email, please provide your mailing address and daytime phone. A representative will get back to you.