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Riding SEPTA 😷 is easy, convenient – and it’s good for the planet 🌎! So, beyond being a no-brainer, it’s a choice you can be proud of. To all of our riders, we say “Way to GO!”

We are always working to make it easier - and safer 😷 - for everyone to ride.

Those who don’t ride SEPTA regularly typically report that not understanding how public transportation vehicles and schedules work is one of their largest barriers. We have undertaken innovative projects such as new bus maps, how-to-ride videos and brochures,and improved branding and symbolism that promote frequency, to address this issue head-on.

We ride on.

We believe - that together - we can spearhead lasting cultural change around transit, changing travel behavior in the near and long term by educating both riders and the general public about the benefits of using public transportation to help reduce congestion and improve air quality.

Questions or Comments? Email us here.

In partnership with PennDOT & DVRPC.

Greener Way to Go

With SEPTA's help, Philly's carbon footprint 👣 is one of the smallest in the nation.

Using transit is one of the most impactful choices someone can make to reduce their carbon footprint, and their literal footprint. With rising congestion and its associated impacts on the environment, economic productivity, and quality of life, we all need to understand their negative contributions to our transportation crisis, and the easiest way to mitigate them is to ride SEPTA.

Transit is inherently sustainable as a transportation mode by shifting transportation away from private automobiles, providing congestion relief, and supporting dense, compact land uses.

A single bus can take up to 37 cars off the road, which not only reduces traffic congestion but also improves air quality.

🚌 = 🚘🚗🚘🚗🚘🚗🚘🚗🚘🚗🚘🚗🚘🚗🚘🚗🚘🚗🚘🚗🚘🚗🚘🚗🚘🚗🚘🚗🚘🚗🚘🚗🚘🚗🚘🚗🚘

By reducing the number of single-occupancy vehicles on the road, SEPTA’s services simultaneously provide congestion relief and reduce idling time in high-traffic conditions. Additionally, SEPTA’s high-capacity service produces what is known as the “multiplier effect,” which increases density and reduces dependence on private vehicle use.

Riding public transportation cuts your very own carbon footprint 👣 by more than 50%.

Check out more GREENER and CLEANER facts in our SEP-TAINABLE 2020 Report!

Cleaner Way to Go

A SEPTA hybrid bus produces 30% less emissions than a single occupancy car 🚘 - making SEPTA the CLEANER WAY TO GO.

Public transportation is inherently sustainable. SEPTA reduces greenhouse emissions by lessening private auto use and congestion, and supporting compact, energy efficient development. SEPTA also engages in its own internal sustainability efforts to deepen its environmental dividend.

Riding SEPTA instead of driving 🚗 reduces greenhouse emissions and congestion 🚦.

SEPTA is a net reducer of transportation greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, which contribute to global climate change by trapping heat and making the planet warmer. SEPTA produces GHG emissions in daily vehicle and heating operations; however, by moving people on more efficient, lower carbon modes than automobiles, SEPTA is a key tool in regional efforts to reduce GHG.

In order for SEPTA to meet the 2020 emission reduction goal, SEPTA must continue to look for ways to reduce emissions while growing ridership.

Check out more GREENER and CLEANER facts in our SEP-TAINABLE 2020 Report!

Faster Way to Go

There are 14 routes that run every 15 minutes or less in Center City

Anyone who lives or works in Center City can attest that ride-hailing services (uber, lyft) are ubiquitous – even when they don’t need to be. Buses, trolleys, and subways are often available at frequencies as low as every 90 seconds, and because they carry more than one (or a few) riders at a time, they have a larger and positive impact on our congestion and air quality problems. With one of the nation’s largest, densest, and most timely transit networks, there’s no excuse not to ride SEPTA.

The quickest way across ↔️ the city is under the city.

It takes the Market-Frankford Line just 5 minutes ⏲️ to go from 13th Street to 30th Street. Which makes SEPTA the FASTER WAY TO GO.

These are just two examples of how public transportation is more convenient than driving. Check out our Trip Planner find your best SEPTA way there.

And Click here for a map of our FREQUENT ROUTES!