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Take Back Your Commute

What words come to mind when you think "traffic?" Snarled. Jammed. Crawled. Stand-still. These are terrible ways to start and end each day. Rather than book-ending your day with aggravation, view that as time that can be spent reading an actual book! Or texting with friends. Or playing a game. Or just relaxing and tuning out (remember that New Year's Resolution to meditate for a few minutes each day? It's never too late to start).

On SEPTA Regional Rail, your time is your own. It doesn't matter if there's construction ahead that's causing two lanes of angry, tired drivers to merge into one, because you're sitting on a train, doing whatever you like!

And with your hands-free from a steering wheel, you'll be free to register and reload your weekly or monthly TrailPass or One Day Independence Pass to your SEPTA Key while you ride! 

So take it easy on tanks of gas. Relax on that road rage. Take back your commute, and let SEPTA Regional Rail be your ride.

Not sure how to ride? Click here for a quick how-to!

Monday is for multitasking. 

Whether you want to get a jump-start on your work projects, spend time with your emails, or maybe flip through your various social media feeds (we've got a few that we recommend, here, here, and here!), you'll be free to do so riding Regional Rail. The beauty of having your time to yourself is that you can use it to do as much, or as little, as you'd like. 

Tuesday is for tuning out. 

Tuesday is also for turning the page. The great thing about riding Regional Rail to work, is that your time is your time, and not traffic's time. You spend your commute daydreaming out of the window. You can spend it knocking out a few chapters. You can do both. Put Tuesday (and your book, and your daydreaming) back into your hands. 

Wednesday is for "What's up?" 

We can't stress enough how important it is to never text and drive, but that doesn't even have to be an option for you. Those little red notifications nagging to be read? Go for it. Your hands and eyes are free to be on your phone. Make those dinner reservations. Confirm you're going to the baby shower. Talk smack about your upcoming kickball game. Figure out your weekend plans.Those texts that you'd like to send back? That email to an old friend you keep meaning to put together? Go ahead. Send them all. 

Thursday is for three-across. 

What's a four-letter word for a better commute? R-A-I-L. Your daily challenge no longer has to revolve around trying not to lose your cool in traffic. You can actually play a game. Wake your brain up with the daily crossword, rather than the crushing defeat of gridlock. Or get yourself a book of Sudoku. Reclaim the gamer in you. 

Friday is for five more minutes. 

Work hard, nap hard. Isn't that how the saying goes? Well it can for you, with your Friday commute free to sit back and relax. It's been a long week, and deserve a few more moments of shut-eye. No need to keep your eyes on the road when your riding the rails.