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Mobile Ticketing on the Airport Line

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EXTENDED!! Mobile Ticketing on SEPTA's Airport Line has been extended! Leave the cash at home, and pre-book your ticket [through January 31st!] for SEPTA's Airport Line using any of your iOS devices.

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Mozio and SEPTA have extended mobile ticketing on SEPTA's Airport Line! Now through January 31st pre-book your SEPTA ticket from Philadelphia International Airport to Center City!

 Mozio, a leading ground transportation aggregator, and SEPTA, have partnered to bring a mobile ticketing pilot program to SEPTA’s Airport Line! Travelers from Philadelphia International Airport to Center City can purchase SEPTA tickets anytime, anywhere, from the convenience of their mobile devices. SEPTA's Airport Line has always been the most convenient way to and from Philadelphia International Airport, but now the convenience is even greater!

Travelers going from Philadelphia International Airport to any Center City station via SEPTA's Airport Line can book their trip on-demand through Mozio. This partnership brings a variety of benefits to riders, including the flexibility to buy a ticket ahead of time or while standing on the station platform. Not only does this reduce boarding times, it also eliminates the need to carry cash or hold onto a paper ticket.

SEPTA's Center City Stations include: University City Station, 30th Street Station, Suburban Station, Jefferson Station, and Temple University Station

When you pre-book your ticket through the Mozio App, you are also eligible for the $6.75 advanced purchase rate. The onboard cash fare for the SEPTA Airport Line is $9.00. 

$6.75 per ticket. 25 minutes between Philadelphia International Airport and Center City. Bookable with the swipe of a finger. SEPTA & Mozio are the best way to go!

The Pilot Program is slated to run from April 3, 2017 until January 31, 2018. Please note, SEPTA is not responsible for inactive, inaccessible, or expired tickets, nor is SEPTA responsible for technical problems with mobile devices, the Mozio platform, or the Mozio mobile app.

Get the App!

Want to try Mozio? Download the Mozio app from the iOS store, create a free account, and search for transportation options between Philadelphia International Airport and your destination. For destinations within a 15-minute walk of SEPTA’s Center City Regional Rail Stations, the SEPTA Airport Line is the recommended mode of travel. The five Center City Stations are: University City Station, 30th Street Station, Suburban Station, Jefferson Station, and Temple University Station. Electronic tickets are stored in the Mozio app and visually validated by conductors onboard. Using Mozio for the Airport Line gives you the flexibility to buy tickets months ahead of time or while standing on the station platform, eliminating the need to carry cash or keep track of a paper ticket. The app is currently available on iOS only. 

How does Mozio work? 

Once you have the app for iOS, enter your destination. As long as it is within walking distance of one of SEPTA's five Center City Stations, the Airport Line will be your first [and cheapest] choice. The five Center City Stations are: University City Station, 30th Street Station, Suburban Station, Jefferson Station, and Temple University Station. Once you select the Airport Line and click 'book', you will receive a confirmation e-mail from Mozio letting you know your trip is booked. 

Once you get to the platform you will need to activate your ticket. An inactive ticket will be blue, an activated ticket will be green and an expired ticket will be red. 


To activate your ticket, just tap confirm activation! You will have 2 hours until your ticket is no longer valid, so activate your ticket when you're on the train platform. Make sure your mobile device is charged, and get going! 

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Mozio lets you easily compare and contrast all forms of ground transportation and book the option that makes the most sense for your wallet and schedule. Mozio takes the anxiety and confusion out of the local travel experience, creating a seamless platform to allow individuals to book a bus, metro, taxi, on-demand car, shuttle, train, sedan, any form of ground transportation – all in one place regardless of the type of ticket needed. Mozio has 3,000+ ground transportation providers in 2,000+ cities on its network.  Whether you are visiting Philadelphia for work or vacationing in London, Mozio can help you navigate complex, unfamiliar transit systems and get you to your end destination with the simple tap of a button.  Leading corporate and leisure travel brands like,, Kayak, and Skyscanner trust Mozio for all of their ground transportation needs. Wherever you are headed, you know Mozio can help get you there. 

About Philadelphia International Airport

Philadelphia International Airport (PHL), the only major airport serving the nation's 5th largest metropolitan area, is a large hub airport accommodating more than 31 million passengers annually. Twenty-five airlines, including all major domestic carriers, offer 472 daily departures to 129 destinations worldwide. Located 7 miles from Center City, the Airport is easily accessible and convenient to many tourist sites, business centers, and cultural hubs. Learn more about Philadelphia International Airport and SEPTA's Airport Line here

About SEPTA 

SEPTA is the nation’s sixth largest public transportation system and the largest in Pennsylvania with a vast network of fixed route services that include buses, trains and trolleys. Our service operates over 2,200 square miles and transports over one million passengers in Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery and Philadelphia counties and in Trenton and West Trenton, New Jersey, Newark and Wilmington, Delaware. SEPTA service also provides riders with access to regional, national and international travel via Amtrak, NJ Transit, the Port Authority Transit Corporation High Speed Line and airlines serving Philadelphia International Airport. To learn more about SEPTA visit

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