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1,000 Days of SEPTA Key

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Saturday, March 9, 2019 marks 1,000 days of SEPTA Key! And we've come a long way since its debut on Monday, June 13, 2016!

To date, there are 1,139,139 SEPTA Key cards in circulation. Approximately 20% of these cards are registered. If you have not yet registered your card - you should. Here's why: Registering your SEPTA Key card is free and easy to do and it offers protection and peace of mind so you never have to worry if your card is ever lost or stolen. This protection allows you to report your lost or stolen Key card online or over the phone, and move your pass products and/or Travel Wallet to a replacement card. Plus SEPTA will reimburse the $4.95 purchase fee if you register your Key card within 30 days of the purchase date. The $4.95 fee will automatically be applied to your Travel Wallet. These funds can then be used to pay for individual rides or towards the future purchase of a TrailPass, TransPass or One Day Convenience Pass. This reimbursement does not apply to any SEPTA Key cards obtained prior to May 4, 2018 and is limited to two cards per customer account.

One of the "key" benefits of SEPTA Key is that it's reloadable. No need to get a new pass/card every week or month like with the old paper passes. To date, there have been 10,101,455 reloads! That works out (on average) to 10,000 reloads a day, 416 reloads an hour, 7 reloads a minute! 

The more impressive number is ridership. A whopping 196,328,369 trips have started with a SEPTA Key tap. That's 196,328 trips or taps a day, 8,180 trips/taps per hour, 136 trips/taps per minute! Our riders (and SEPTA Key Validators) are busy!

How many days have you had your SEPTA Key?

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