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May 19, 2023

SEPTA is partnering with Al Dia to highlight can't-miss concerts and must-see shows in and around Philadelphia - and how to get there on SEPTA.

The fifth performance is Brazilian-American artist - Indigo De Souza! You can see her Tuesday, May 23, 2023 at Union Transfer in Center City. SEPTA ES LA MANERA DE MOVERTE! 

SEPTA is the PHILLY WAY TO GO to Indigo De Souza at Union Transfer on May 23rd! Take the Broad Street Line to Spring Garden Station – or Routes 23, 43, and 45 drop you minutes from the show. Plan your trip at ISEPTAPHILLY.COM/PLAN-YOUR-TRIP!

More info thanks to our partners at Al Dia - Written by Amari Newman

Brazilian-American artist Indigo De Souza has carved a unique lane for herself in the music industry. Her 2018 debut project I Love My Mom and 2021 sophomore effort Any Shape You Take were met with critical acclaim thanks to the singer-songwriter’s emotionally-charged music that fuses qualities of Grunge, Indie, and Pop. 

This April - De Souza released her third studio album All of This Will End. The 11-track LP contains deeply personal songs that reflect her maturation as an artist and person. De Souza launched a tour coinciding with her album release - and is scheduled to perform at Union Transfer May 23. 

Growing up in a conservative small town with a population of only 2,000 people - De Souza felt like an outcast the majority of her childhood. She was the only biracial kid at her school - and raised by a supportive mother who embraced and celebrated the qualities that made them different from everyone else. At the age of 16 - the aspiring singer moved to Asheville, North Carolina where she found a new community of like-minded people that would help her fully pursue a music career.

Surrounding herself with a supportive community is crucial to De Souza. In an interview with THEM - she notes a significant change in who she considered a part of that community in her personal and musical life while recording All of This Will End. 

“My life took a dramatic shift, mostly from spaces of dysfunction into really strong community, and stability, and celebration of self and others - which I feel like I had not been connected to as much before.” This album reflects her new headspace. “I was not only feeling better in my life - and felt like I really had community around me - but I also felt a lot more confident in my own ideas and in my own musical pathways, and I wasn’t afraid to trust myself.”

De Souza’s boost in self-confidence and trust in those around her - led to a hands-on approach in the project’s creation process. This was her first time working as a producer on a project she released, which allowed her to be involved in virtually all steps of the album-making process. This helps explain the sheer amount of substance packed into every song on All Of this Will End. Each one recounts important experiences in De Souza’s life and how they continue to shape her. 

The emotionally-charged “You Can Be Mean” finds the singer re-examining her relationship with an abusive ex. While the intense distortion-filled track “Always” focuses on De Souza’s tumultuous relationship with her father - who wasn’t adequately present throughout her youth. 

The project itself can be looked at as a thorough inspection of De Souza’s relationships and how they’ve impacted her - with a central theme of growing thanks to those experiences. Her masterful songwriting is not only relatable - but also empowering for listeners working to overcome past traumas. 

In a recent discussion with Rolling Stone - De Souza explained that the seemingly grim album title All Of This Will End has become her personal mantra. 

“It feels like I’m able to infuse every day of my life with intention and love and presence within my relationships. Because why not? Everything is going to end. I just want to do the best that I can do now.”

Indigo De Souza’s inspiring aura will be palpable throughout Union Transfer’s venue on May 23. Attendees will also see an opening set from fellow North Carolinian folk musician, Sluice. Doors open at 7PM and the show starts at 8PM. A waitlist for tickets to the sold out show are available via Etix.

SEPTA is the PHILLY WAY TO GO to Indigo De Souza at Union Transfer on May 23rd! Take the Broad Street Line to Spring Garden Station – or Routes 23, 43, and 45 drop you minutes from the show. Plan your trip at ISEPTAPHILLY.COM/PLAN-YOUR-TRIP!