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College Students, Show Your Key and Get a Tee!

September 4, 2019

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Calling all college students! 

Philadelphia is a great college town. There are so many schools, so many faces to meet, and so much to do in this city. And SEPTA makes it even better, connecting all of these people and places. Students in Philadelphia don't need to worry about bringing a car on campus and paying for their school's parking pass, because SEPTA is already the key to all of their extracurriculars. 

That's why we spend our summer and fall introducing the many universities around the city to SEPTA Key. You may have seen our table during an event at your school - if so, hopefully you stopped by, asked any transportation-related questions you had, got a crash-course on Key, and left with a few SEPTA goodies. 

If not, fear not! As always, SEPTA will be attending Campus Philly's CollegeFest this Saturday, 9/7 (10a-3p), at Dilworth Park. If you're unfamiliar, Dilworth Park is Philadelphia’s Center Square, designed as a high-quality gateway to public transit and a civic place with on-going programming, amenities, and activities that benefit the public and support the mission of the park.

So take a break from studying and swing by the event! Find the SEPTA tent, because we've got some cool prizes you want to get your hands on. We're cleaning out our closet and offering up some of the old [and new] favorite SEPTA t-shirts!

How do you get one of these? Show us your SEPTA Key! Don't have a Key yet? Don't worry. We'll explain how you can get one right beneath the very park on which we're standing. Though it costs $4.95 to get a Key card, if you register your Key card within 30 days of purchasing (which protects your money against loss or theft) SEPTA will reimburse that money, and it will be automatically applied to your Key card Travel Wallet. It's a win-win! 

How do you get to CollegeFest at Dilworth Park? It is SO easy to get there on SEPTA. Hop SEPTA's Market-Frankford Line or Trolley Routes 10,11,13,34, or 36 to 15th Street Station. You can also hop the Broad Street Line to City Hall Station. If riding a Bus is more your style, Routes 4, 16, 17, 27, 31, 32, 33, 38, 44, 62, 78, 124 & 125 all drop you within a block or two of the park. 

Your Campus Philly wristband also gives you free admission to a ton of museums (all SEPTA accessible). And so many of these have SEPTA Perks! Which means once you have that handy SEPTA Key, flash it at these locations for a discount. Details of each Perk is linked below: 

It's all too good to pass up. Enjoy the sunshine and the company of your fellow students in this great city this Saturday.

So get your Key, take SEPTA to CollegeFest, and take home a tee!

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