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Can You Navigate a Bus Through Philadelphia?

April 29, 2019

Maze 1400x1200

Calling all science-lovers! This Saturday welcomes the annual Philadelphia Science Festival back to the Ben Franklin Parkway. For everyone who enjoys hands-on learning, involved experimenting, exploring hypotheses, and asking lots of questions, this event is for you.

This event aims to educate, inspire, and engage the region with the science and technology that surrounds our everyday world. Organized and led by The Franklin Institute, in collaboration with 200 of the region’s premier science, cultural, and educational establishments, the Philadelphia Science Festival offers events for families and adults all across the Delaware Valley.

And that's why SEPTA loves to be a part of this! We're asking you to challenge the spatial-awareness and navigation sensors in your brain to answer our question: Can you navigate a bus through Philadelphia? 

It's a challenge that we face every day here at SEPTA, managing our bus routes around construction, detours, races (Broad Street Run this weekend, anyone?), events, pedestrians, and more, while still ensuring passengers reach their destinations safely, and that major landmarks are amply served. So we ask you to join our ranks, put on your urban-planning hat, your system-mapping hat, and your problem solving navigational skills, and stop by our tent on Saturday to show us what you're made of! 

To all participants, you'll be rewarded with a compass which we hope will help you on all of your navigating journeys this Saturday, and for all Saturdays to come. 

So get fresh air, stretch your legs, flex your problem-solving skills and come explore the Philadelphia Science Festival this Saturday! 

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