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SEPTA Rolls Out More Ways to Pay

September 27, 2023

Beginning Friday, September 29, 2023 - riders on SEPTA’s city and suburban buses, trolleys, Market-Frankford Line, Broad Street Line, and Norristown High Speed Line can tap any contactless credit card or debit card in physical form or through apps like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay at a turnstile or when boarding a bus or trolley.

The rollout begins on Friday, September 29. We expect all 2,800+ devices/vehicles to be ready to accept contactless payments effective Monday, October 2. How do you know if the device is activated? You'll see this screen reflecting all of the card/payment icons on the validator screen:

The fare is $2 for your first trip and includes two free transfers within two hours of the first trip. To receive the free transfers - you must use the same form of payment for each trip.

There are no passbacks. You cannot use the same card to tap through others in your group. 

There will be a separate rollout for contactless payments on Regional Rail early next year.

Contactless Pro Tip:

When paying with your contactless credit or debit card - we recommend you take the card out of your wallet or phone back.

Here's why: card clash.

Card clash happens when two or more contactless payment cards are simultaneously detected by a card reader. When this happens - the reader may:

  • Not read any card and the turnstile won't unlock or the Operator will not let you board - which can hold you up and the riders behind you  

  • Read one card when you first tap and another card when you transfer - charging two full fares for your trip(s)

  • Take payment from the wrong card

To avoid card clash - simply take your card out of your wallet or phone back before you board.

For more info - click here.

Thanks for riding! Happy tapping!