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Credit Policy for SEPTA TransPasses and TrailPasses

March 17, 2020

Updated (April) info here:

SEPTA is offering credits for unused and partially used TransPasses and TrailPasses valid during the following periods:

March Monthly Passes and March 9th & 16th Weekly Passes

Customers who purchased the above passes on SEPTA Key cards will need to contact the SEPTA Key Call Center at 1-855-567-3782 (number listed on the back of card), and request that the pass product be removed. A pro-rated refund will be placed in your Travel Wallet, calculated from the last date the pass was used. The Call Center is available Mon-Fri 6:00am-8:00pm and weekends 8:00am-6:00pm. You can use Travel Wallet funds to purchase your next pass.

Important - If you use autoload, you should turn it off if future (April) travel needs are uncertain. Autoload settings can be accessed at or by calling 1-855-567-3782.

Customers who purchased legacy paper passes will need to submit their pass to the below address to receive a pro-rated refund. The refund will be prorated for the unused days based on postmark of the letter. The original pass must be surrendered - no photocopies accepted. Please include your name and return mailing address. All refund requests will be processed in the order that they are received.




If you receive your TrailPass or TransPass from a third-party pre-tax benefit provider, you will receive your credit to your pre-tax account in order to remain compliant with IRS tax codes. If you will not be traveling in April, you should check with your provider to see if they can suspend your pass election.