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July's "Show Us Your SEPTA Part 2" Contest Winners

July 26, 2019

Old city %2810 of 23%29

For the second month in a row, we asked you to show us what you see in your commute in our "Show US Your SEPTA" contests. And for the second month in a row, you delivered. We received over 70 submissions this month, and we thank you for that. We wish we could have given you all prizes, but we had to pick one person for the grand prize, and this month it was Jesse K for this picture:

"Track 4 Section B"

There were so many other great submissions that made the decision process for this month very difficult, and we’d love to share some of our other favorites below. 

"Whether its catching sunrise or sunset in Philly, SEPTA will get you there just in time."

-Albert L

"Philly born and bred, but #TempleMade!"

-Menika D

"SEPTA got me here. Now I'm sky high."

-Steven R

"Starting off my commute on a 'high note' every morning!"

-Adiel I

"View from the 32"

-Eldica S.

"Van Gogh's Starry Night, but in the morning daylight comes: City of Brotherly Love"

-Erica T.

"The El is such a key element in this neighborhood. Oftentimes I wonder what life would be like without it. How could I even get anywhere?"

-Sharyl C

"How to see this view? Step 1: get on SEPTA."

-Connie Q

"Smooth sailing!"

-Sandra D

Keep an eye out for next month’s contest. You could win an Anywhere Pass for September! 


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