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SEPTA Key Kiosks Activated at Center City Regional Rail Hubs

June 5, 2019

To give Regional Rail customers additional options for purchasing fares, selected SEPTA Key Kiosks have been activated at Center City stations.

Regional Rail customers can now use these SEPTA Key Kiosks to purchase Quick Trip tickets, which are good for one-way travel outbound from Center City, as well as Key cards loaded with weekly and Monthly TrailPasses or One-Day Independence Passes. Those who already have Key cards can use the Kiosks to reload TrailPasses and Independence Passes.

Weekly and Monthly TrailPasses for all Regional Rail zones are available on the SEPTA Key card. The Travel Wallet is expected to be introduced on Regional Rail later this year.

For this initial rollout of SEPTA Key Kiosks for Regional Rail, a minimum of two Kiosks have been activated at each of the five (5) Center City stations: Temple University, Jefferson Station, Suburban Station, 30th Street Station and University City Station. SEPTA Key Ambassadors are at each location to assist customers with their transactions.

The newly activated Regional Rail Kiosks can also be useful for some Transit customers who use SEPTA buses, subways and trolleys. Customers who already have a SEPTA Key Card loaded with a Weekly or Monthly TransPass can reload at the Regional Rail Kiosks.

We urge all customers to register your Key Cards to protect against loss and theft. It takes only a few minutes to register your card by going online to or by calling the SEPTA Key Customer Call Center at (855) 567-3782.

For more information about SEPTA Key, click here.