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Regional Mask Force

November 17, 2020

Back in March, few anticipated that Covid-19 would still dominant the news and be impacting all aspects of our society. But it has. And it will for the foreseeable future.

This second wave is proving to be a formidable opponent. To beat it, all of us need to do our part. That starts by recognizing that wearing a mask or another facial covering in public and specifically on public transit, is quite simply the best thing any of us can do.  

It’s the single most powerful weapon we have against the virus. It greatly reduces the risk to you, your friends, your co-workers and your loved ones, as well as many others that you do not know that you encounter daily in stores and elsewhere. 

For all of these reasons, we are proud to announce today - November 17, 2020 - that SEPTA will be joining with our peer transit and railroad agencies in the Northeast, to launch SEPTA "Mask Force Philly 😷" early next year. Through a combined force of SEPTA employee volunteers, front line team members and local transit supporters, the crew for Mask Force Philly 😷 will expand on and enhance our efforts to ensure mask compliance. 

Those efforts include our successful Social Distancing Coaches program where SEPTA employee-volunteers engage customers about our face-mask requirement and give tips for social distancing at stations and on vehicles to promote safe and healthy travel habits.

SEPTA customers have already stepped-up and shown they care! Today, on average, about 90% of all customers on our buses, trains and trolleys are wearing a mask properly every day. 

We cannot afford to let up! 

Mask Force Philly 😷 will connect all riders with tips about how to properly wear a mask, to offer a mask to those without one, and to provide a complimentarily mask to anyone that wishes to have one as a back-up so that they never left unprotected.

Remember you must wear a mask or other facial covering to be in public in Pennsylvania - including when you are on public transit or in transit facilities.

SEPTA has been and continues to be an essential service that riders can count on.  Our system is clean, it’s safe and through the toughest times - we ride on.

Watch for Mask Force Philly 😷 soon!