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October 27, 2017

10.5.17 unicity contest2

Public transportation is an immediate way to conserve energy and support our environment. People who use public transportation remove single-passenger vehicles from the road, which leads to improved air quality and reduced road congestion. And did you know the National Safety Council estimates that riding the bus is over 170 times safer than automobile travel?

There are so many reasons to ride public transportation, so for our October contest, we asked... Why do you SEPTA PHILLY? We received hundreds of entries and loved hearing all your different reasons for riding. Here were some of the top reasons you SEPTA Philly: 

Convenience: 35%

Relaxing: 24%

Economical: 15%

Sustainability: 9%

Fun: 13%

Healthy: 4%

Check out all the entries we received below:

Joanna: I SEPTA Philly to save our environment from pollution and reserve automotive fuel. I am contributing to save our planet earth for the future generations. Avoiding rush hour traffic is a major plus when traveling to and from Center City, Philadelphia. I ❤SEPTA for all my daily travel needs.  Best public transportation system ever!

Denise: To avoid traffic.

Martin: I ride SEPTA because I am a man-child who doesn’t have his license yet, so it’s good that I have things like Regional Rail to rely on.

Michelle: As I step outside, I am greeted with a cool, autumn breeze and crunching leaves beneath my feet. Making my way to Somerton Station, I can feel the sun peeking through the clouds and warming my face. Aboard the train, row homes flash by in a blur, and the skyline is approaching in the distance. With so much beauty, I realize that keeping Philadelphia as beautiful as can be begins with me. I am choosing to support our environment and do my part in maintaining clean air quality, all by taking my favorite window seat on this train car. By doing this, I know that I will feel that cool breeze and sun for days to come, because I am supporting a great cause in riding SEPTA- making the world a safer place in which to thrive. I am one of many who are doing their earthly duty - choosing public transportation over environmentally-harmful means, in attempts to keep our air cleaner, our streets safer, and our carbon footprint lighter. Along with each passenger around me, I am assured that Philadelphia is one of the luckiest cities, in having a transportation system that allows its citizens to take part in preserving this incredible planet. Our city, our home, will become greater with each person who chooses to SEPTAPhilly.

Sarah: I found the perfect internship, but it’s outside of the city. I need SEPTA to get to my internship to further my career!

Venetta: Riding SEPTA allows me to not purchase a car and wondering where to park a car.

Joy: I ride SEPTA because it really gives me a chance to interact with other nice people and they always have the BEST stories! It also makes me exercise walking and transferring from bus to bus I love it. (Plus I don’t have my license quite yet so ... lol)

Doreen: I take the West Trenton train to Center City and home every day for work. However, when my husband and I are coming for dinner or events on the weekends, WE SEPTAPHILLY via the Regional Rail. We also get our group of friends to go along with us, and we all take the train. It's an absolutely wonderful experience knowing that you don't really need to do too much other than enjoy the ride, enjoy the company of the friends, and no worries or hassles of driving in traffic and finding parking. I use my app to get us in and out. That is how ISEPTAPHILLY.

Tommy: I am a Vet and use SEPTA to get to the VA at 39th and Woodland Ave. Taking the 102 Sharon Hill Trolley to 69th Street, the EL to 40th Street. It is a great way for me to get out of my comfort zone and be around other people! And I always find the people on SEPTA so nice and friendly. And if I ever get lost or sidetracked, I never had a bad experience with any SEPTA employee ever.

Dan: Because I do not like to drive into Philadelphia. It is much easier to ride the train in from Jenkintown to work every day. SEPTA gives me the chance to do any work in preparation for my radio show on Sirius XM 111. Straight to Suburban, then Trolley to 37th and then into our studios at UPenn.

Shirley: I think of SEPTA as my personal driver. No matter where I want to go through out Philly, if I choose not to drive, I know I can count on my personal driver to take me to my destination and back safely. Especially on game days (Eagles, 76ers, Flyers & Phillies).

Daniel: Without SEPTA my daughter and I would never get things accomplished. Being a single father, full time student, and employee makes it hard to find the time  or money to do anything. With so much to do in a given week, the speed of mass transportation is a huge benefit.

Kim: I live in NJ and will ONLY take SEPTA while in the city. Efficient, dependable, and a variety of ways to get to where I am going. Whether it be the stadium complex, Temple University, Class of '23 Rink, the zoo, museums and many more places. Cheaper than driving and parking prices are out of control. SEPTAis the ONLY way to get there!

Roxanne: I SEPTA Philly because it's cheaper than driving. SEPTA is energy-efficient and reliable transportation no matter how late a bus or train is or whether they strike or not, I will still ride SEPTA.

Domingo: Fastest and cheapest way to travel.

Lynette: I ride for the interaction. Getting to see different parts of the city without worries of parking.


Sitting and seeing

Exchange ideas

People's choice

Text on the ride

Anywhere in Philly


Safer than Driving

Economical and Energy efficient

Proud to be a Philadelphian

Time and tested true

Anywhere is Possible

William: SEPTA in Philadelphia is awesome.  It was the deciding factor of me moving here 5 years ago. I wouldn't have the job I have if it wasn't for SEPTAgetting me there. There's always a route I can take even when I start at an early.

Diana: I've been riding SEPTAall my life, besides helping to keep from polluting the air, its safe, relaxing as well as a way to meet people. I recommend the use of utilizing SEPTA to everyone, you save gas & money all at the same time & SEPTA has so much to offer to all of its riders. SEPTA KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK😊👍

Melvin: I SEPTA Philly because it gets me from a to b if it's going to appointments or food shopping taking my daughter back and forth to daycare or going to see family and friends... I feel as though its very useful for people who don't own a car...

Clarissa: I SEPTAPHILLY because I live in West Philly and every day I have to commute with my 2 children to West Oak Lane for them to go to school. I have to then get myself to work. It is way faster & safer than driving across the city even though I can use the drives to get there. Traffic is always a mess when I get off and go pick the children up. I have been riding SEPTA for over 25 years now and I have no complaints. As long as I use the schedule to connect my rides, my commute runs smooth. Keep up the good work SEPTA Drivers.This is why ISEPTAPHILLY!!

Rachel: Taking the Broad Street Line is relaxing. I don't have to worry about sitting in the Philly traffic. Taking the train is 30 minutes that I get to listen to music on the way to work and 30 min to relax on the way home. I also get to meet a lot of new people every day.

Rowen: I love SEPTA. I use it all the time to get around.

Nicole: It gives me two tickets to paradise.

Damaris: I SEPTA Philly because I want to help reduce my carbon footprint in any way possible and it’s a super convenient way to travel in Philadelphia!

Asmaa: I SEPTA Philly is convenient and affordable. Most of the time, I don’t have to wait long in any kind of weather for the buses or subways. The drivers and operators are super nice and helpful. I just wish SEPTA Philly would be better during the weekends.

Jeremiah: I ride SEPTA every day to work it’s convenient for me than driving and also on the weekends to go to the Eagles 🦅 games and to go shopping downtown. It’s just all kinds of ways to get around Philly with SEPTA. SEPTA Philly #☝

Krupa: ISEPTAPHILLY to live my life at my dream school and someday become an influential individual. Four years ago, I would have not believed I would be attending a prestigious private university like Drexel University. After a hard journey full of early morning and late nights, I am succeeding as an Honors Biological Sciences Student, Honors Mentor, VP of Delta Phi Omega Sorority, and a member of Beta Beta Beta Biological Honor Society. I am on a path to Physician Assistant school and I decided to be a commuter student to take less loans in professional school and reduce the amount of current debt. I hope to treat emergency medicine patients. I am an empathetic person and I hope my outgoing and bubbly personality is reflected upon those who I meet while commuting to 30th Street Station from Lansdale everyday and in school and consequently, my patients when I hopefully become a certified Physician Assistant.

A: I SEPTA Philly for so many reasons. It saves me from the aggravation of traffic, the fear of my car breaking down, and the hassle of parking. Riding the train in the morning is such a pleasant experience with the scenic view of Philadelphia passing me by through the window. I feel much safer riding regional rail than driving my car, knowing there are qualified conductors and engineers controlling every train. There are many reasons to ride public transportation wherever you are, but there's only one SEPTA.

Krisann: Not gonna lie, I SEPTA Philly because parking sucks downtown. But that's just the beginning. The El, especially, is a magical place full of happy people and running into old friends. My favorite part? Watching all the beautiful murals go by, as we travel high above West Philly.

Ben: I ride SEPTA for at least 10 different reasons!  1) I love to read and can read on the train every day. 2) No parking or gas or repair costs. 3) It is actually faster - no traffic! 4) Walking to/from the train station is great exercise and I miss it when I have to use a car.  5) Medically, I am not safe to drive, so Septa offers me independence without relying on others to drive me. 6) One system/one city - I often travel multiple times per day for work and can access the entire city and suburbs easily. Don't have to find parking, move a car/bike, or end up stuck somewhere.  7) Low impact, better for the environment. 8) Being able to zone out. Long day or early morning? Can't focus? No problem. Just sit and relax until you get there. 9) The people. I always have a fun story to tell about my travel at the end of each day. 10) The views. From the bridges seen on the El, to the rivers and skyline seen from the train, you see angles and elements that you just can't see stuck behind another bumper on the road.

Shelby: I ride SEPTA to go to go to dental school! I commute back and forth every day on SEPTA Thorndale/Paoli Line.

Barbara: I have been riding for over 50 years. I choose to do so. I have met a lot of SEPTA buddies and drivers. These are people you care about. You look for them on your journeys. My SEPTA drivers are helpful and always ready to assist. I have known some most of my SEPTA life.

Emily: I SEPTA Philly because SEPTA, although occasionally stressful and delayed, is an excellent way to save money, be kinder to the environment, and get places more directly. I have been using SEPTA for 18 years, my first train ride around the age of 5/6, and it has led me to places where I've made so many good memories over the years. I save over $1500 a year purchasing a Zone 3 pass each month, which is ideal for an entry-level job holder. I commute with so many wonderful people (I even found one of my best friends during SEPTApocalypse on the Lansdale/Doylestown!). I can get anywhere in SEPA and close to NJ on the Regional Rail and utilize the subways to get to seminars on the El and to my trainee that I tutor on the BSL. I hope SEPTA expands more over the next few years so it's even easier to access.

Joey: It gets me around town better than a car.

Henry: I don't drive so SEPTA is perfect for me, because of SEPTA I can go any in the city, from sporting events to tourism, shopping, downtown to center city, malls in the suburbs, visiting family and friends, back and forth to work, to the airport to the train station, when I go out of town and SEPTA keeps their Vehicles clean, and if you get a schedule it tells you what time the bus, train, trolley subway will get there, I give SEPTA an A+.

John: It's easier than driving into Center City every day!

Dante: I SEPTA Philly for work, school, to see my children, or even to take relaxing rides around town, I enjoy taking SEPTA because it is fast, reliable, safe and has a variety of different vehicles that fit the needs of today's modern Philadelphian, whether your going through the city, or riding to the county, or just going to the game, SEPTA has always been my way there

Alex: I take SEPTA because it gets me places fast and when my parents can’t take SEPTA always can.

Taylor: I recently just started attending a college in the city. I am about an hour away from home and do not have access to my car while on campus. SEPTA has made traveling around the city and home very convenient. I can hop on the subway or a bus and be downtown in minutes. Or on a Friday afternoon, I can catch the regional rail and be home for dinner. SEPTA allows me to feel so much more connected to the city and even helps me stay connected to my hometown. Having public transportation at my fingertips helps me to get off campus, connect with the local community, and explore the wonderful city of Philadelphia. I feel so much more connected with the world around me, and like a much more active citizen because of the mobility that SEPTA provides me with.

Ronair: I love SEPTA because it's very convenient. I get to work in less than 15 minutes from North Philly ..I love the new spacious seats on the new buses.

Colin: I SEPTA Philly because of convenience. Every time that I need to get somewhere I always take the bus. Why? Here's why it gets me to place to place for a token which is only 2 dollars. Much cheaper than taking your car. I also SEPTA Philly because I love to see the smiling faces all around me. Overall this is why I gladly SEPTA Philly.

Todd: I SEPTA Philly because it keeps my neighborhood, my health, and my wallet real.

Alena: I SEPTA Philly because it is the most efficient way for me to get to school without worrying about parking, traffic, gas and owning a car. I have to take the BSL and MFL to get to school every day and have to take both of them in addition to the 29 bus to get home, I feel safer having to take the SEPTA bus than having to walk home.  I save a lot of money while being able to get to class early and quickly. Even tho sometimes I wake up late and worry I won't make it to class in time, but SEPTA always saves me from having to worry because of their schedule and how their sub and busses come. Riding SEPTA buses and subs are not as bad as people think. I take it every day, and I yet to have any complaints. After living in the city for such a long time, I would rather take SEPTA to get around instead of having to stress about car and parking problems, which is also more expensive. Because of how convenient and efficient SEPTA is this is why and how I SEPTA Philly.

Dominique: I do SEPTA because, why not? It saves me so much money from catching an Uber everywhere and when I go out with my friends I don’t like to pay for parking. So I’d rather pay for SEPTA, take a seat and know that I’ll arrive at my destination safe 😇

Mike: Since I do not drive I have depended on SEPTA to get to and from work, shopping & most important sporting events. It beats dealing with traffic jams plus it will always be cheaper than driving.

Aaron: I use SEPTA because it helps me get to places where I need to go, like school, or to my girlfriend's house when she's having a bad day. I grew up alongside SEPTA, as me and my parents used to ride the buses and trains around the city together. I love SEPTA, because it's now a part of my family.

Amina: I SEPTA Philly because it is the most convenient, safest way to do all the things I need to do! I know I can always depend on SEPTA buses to take me near or far! It’s always an adventure! Life isn't easy… but SEPTA is ☺.

Robert: I SEPTA because of the convenience.  I have been utilizing SEPTA since my move into the city in 2000. Living and owning a car in the city is a great responsibility and privilege.  I am not able to drive due to a neurological issue at the age of 23.  Now 31 and bus or train it everywhere! 

Joeann: I SEPTA Philly because it's cheaper and easier when going in town or to the airport. I mostly take Regional Rail. I avoid paying parking fees and it's always a relaxing stress-free ride. I have never had a problem with schedules and my trains have mostly been on time. If they are late, it's only a minute or two. Going to and from the airport is the best option so you don't pay for long-term parking or you don't have to rely on someone picking you up.

Candy: I have been without a car for 1 year now. I have been taking SEPTA to and from work since then. I live in Philadelphia and I work in King of Prussia. Some of my coworkers who drive and never took public transportation say to me, "I don't know how you do it." I tell them, “I feel blessed that I can take SEPTA and I get let off right at my job." I did not have to resign from my job when I longer had a car because of public transportation.  I am saving $120.00 more a month with public transportation versus having my car. I have met many interesting people, and I love taking my granddaughter out for the day using public transportation. In conclusion, when I buy another car I will likely use public transportation as well. Some places are faster and easier to get to with the BSL which is a 3-minute walk from my house.

Janice: The best thing that I have noticed about SEPTA is its drivers. I have never run into a "nasty" driver. They are always trying to be polite and courteous to each passenger as they board the bus. I give them credit because I work with the public and it's not easy. I say hats off to you all and that you for "Getting Me There!!"

Eric: #ISEPTAPhilly because it’s a money saver and it does mother nature a favor.

Angela: I choose SEPTA regional rails for several reasons. Firstly, the ecological aspect; one less car on the road. Second, the cost. My co-workers drive and pay $180 per month. I pay $143 for Zone 2 TrailPass. Third, I get to relax and read my NOOK.  Lastly, exercise!  I walk 6 blocks daily that I wouldn't do if I drove. Lots of benefits.

Constance: Fastest and easiest way to get around town and enjoy the views that Philly has to offer. No worries about parking, gas, or car problems. 

Asya: I SEPTA because I need to get to school, work, and life. SEPTA makes it extremely easy to get from point A to point B. Without SEPTA, I would have no way to get to the places that are most important, like school. I live in NE Philly and go to Temple University. The commute is made easier every day by the quick & prompt Regional Rail. SEPTA = Philly = Me.

Calvin: I ride SEPTA because where I reside, I have access to several different routes ranging from the elevated train, subway surface cars, & numerous of bus routes. I enjoy riding each different route because of the scenery and I get to see a melting pot of different cultures as I ride through the city!!! Go, SEPTA!!!

Mary Frances: I SEPTAPHILLY because it really lets me get to know my city. Instead of taking expressways and highways to reach my destination, I get to hop on a bus and see my historic city and what it has to offer. I use the bus, mainly for work within South Philly and Center City, but occasionally will use it to travel to Langhorne, Chestnut Hill, and Plymouth Meeting. Additionally, I use that time to slow down my mind and catch up on some reading or listen to music or even write. I am so thankful for SEPTAPHILLY.

Karissa: NO TRAFFIC!!! You start to appreciate a full train of people instead of a full highway of cars. At least you're moving and getting somewhere still.

Norm: Why do I SEPTA PHILLY? Well, seeing Philly is the world capital of cheesesteaks I've hit over 25 establishments and still counting. My only rule is 100% SEPTA and walking. The journeys start out at Willow Grove Station on the Warminster Line with an Independence Pass into CC then branches out from there. To start, I do my research on the particular establishment then match it to the SEPTA map. The SEPTA app makes it really nice. I can switch up routes on the fly depending on their locations. I always wanted to do a video blog/review from start to finish to show how easy it is to use SEPTA. Here is an example: train from Willow Grove to CC, train to Wissahickon, 65 Bus to D’Alessandro’s, 65 back to Ridge,  walk the length of Kelly Drive to 30th Street station, El back into town or to Fishtown. I have a list of parks, museums, and historic locals, as well all by SEPTA. This could easily be a weekly video segment to anywhere by SEPTA!

Tia: Whether it is early in the morning or late at night, as a teacher, I rely on SEPTA to get me safely to school every day. SEPTA is reliable, quick, and allows me to spend my time on more important things... planning lessons, reading over student work, or simply taking time for myself to make plans with friends, check in on family, or even catch up on the news.

Crystal: Originally from North Philly and the 33, 39 bus and subway was my go to. From riding to High School at Hallahan to college at Temple University. Now I reside in Mt.  Airy and have the pleasure of riding the Chestnut Hill West Line. Such a luxury from the hustle and bustle of my earlier years. I appreciate all my experiences on Public Transportation. It has kept me grounded and to never forget where I came from. I drive but I SEPTA PHILLY!

Adelya: I SEPTA Philly all my life. I’ve been catching SEPTA since elementary school and I’m still currently catching SEPTA to get to work, school and anywhere else I would need to go. I also use the Key Card for different Perks that you offer like Dunkin Donuts. This is why I SEPTA Philly.

Catherine: I much prefer taking SEPTA to driving.  It allows me to sit back and enjoy the ride.  I love to people watch.  I take the BSL in the mornings and try to observe and appreciate the variety of people who ride SEPTA.  I look at what they are wearing and reading, look at who is staring at their phone and who is not.  Sometimes you see people down on their luck,  or you hear ritzy lawyers speaking about an upcoming case, or you are entertained by a breakdancing family. SEPTA is Philadelphia.  I love Philadelphia and I love SEPTA.

Mike: SEPTA is what inspired me to move to Philadelphia. My first real memory of Philly was being 7 and taking the R3 in to the city at night to attend a tour. Between the lights, the buildings, and the character, I knew it was where I wanted to be. From there, the Regional Rail took me on class trips, weekend outings, and various events. The subways and buses got me across town quick and convenient. The trolleys took me west to parties and concerts and culture. And the Airport Line took me to my first trip out of the country. I moved the last of my stuff from my old place to my new home in Philly on the west Trenton Line and to this day I still ride SEPTA daily.

Anne: I SEPTAPhilly because I find it the easiest, most economical way to get where I need to be.  The website is friendly and immeasurably useful, with up to date information.  And there is tons of information there.  I have found most of my contact with SEPTA employees to be friendly and gratifying.  Keep up the good work.  You are a life-saver for many, and help move the city and suburbs.

Mabel: I’m from Philly. And I don’t mean I live in the ‘burbs, or across the bridge in South Jersey. I was born and raised in South Philadelphia. I went to kindergarten and grade school in Chinatown. I went to high school in North Philadelphia. I went to college in West Philly. Now I work in Center City and live in Fairmount. Traveling to and from all of those places throughout my life, you can say I’ve had my fair share of SEPTA experiences. It’s those experiences that really shaped me-- made me tougher-- made me a true Philadelphian.  Here are 2 short stories: My grandpa would pick me up after kindergarten and we would take the 47 home. We came from a working-class immigrant family, so we would try to save us money where we can. Even at 6-years old, I knew this, and I would try to help out by making myself seem shorter than the token machine so we wouldn’t have to pay for my fare. It worked for a while. However, one day, the bus driver noticing what I was doing told me I didn’t have to do that. And that was the day I realized that I should pay my fair share, just like everybody else. In my freshman year of high school, I had a crush on a junior guy. I had no fear as a young freshman. I took the BSL to and from school for the first time, marking my independence from the days of the school bus. He would take the local train home, whereas I would take the express train. One day, I decided to take the local train with him so I could talk to him. I did this quite often. Only it took me awhile to understand that he did not like me back. But it didn’t matter, I had no fear. SEPTA, thanks for 24 years of memories.

Ariele: As a social worker, I am all about promoting individual and community empowerment. I want to see that everyone who loves Philadelphia has access to its variety of neighborhoods and cultures. I also want to preserve the warmth of this historic city--a big part of that is its walkability. By using public transportation, I reduce the noise and air pollution of vehicles--making the city more accommodating for all residents. I also support a system that truly connects its residents. Once, many years ago, I was on a SEPTA bus and I saw a mother exiting at her stop with a baby, stroller and grocery bag. What a load for one person! As she exited, the grocery bag got caught in the door. Unbeknownst to the driver, the bus pulled away with the bag in the door. I grabbed the bag, got off at the next stop, and was able to catch the woman just as she was entering her building. She was so grateful. We both experienced the fulfillment of a random act of kindness. SEPTA facilitated that special interaction. Public transportation is about community transformation! I am proud to support that.

Amy: SEPTA gets me where I need to be when I need to be there.

Donna: I don't drive so I take SEPTA everywhere I go in and out of Philly in all my travels SEPTA  always got me to my destination sometime right where I need to go or may have to walk a short time I rely on SEPTA to get me where I need to go.

Judith: I'm afraid of driving and parking in Philadelphia.  I don't know where to park, people honk at me and once I got a ticket for parking when the kiosk didn't work.  I left a note for the PPA, but they just put a ticket on top of my note.  It's just so much easier to take the bus and subway into the city.  Besides, it's easier to read on the bus/subway than when I'm driving. 

Andrea: I love to eavesdrop on the scandalously loud cellphone conversations of Philadelphians while making cell phone movies of the Philly Love Letter Murals between 63rd and 46th Streets in West Philly. Also, I like to see if I can make a SEPTA worker smile against his/her/their will.

Jackie: I SEPTA PHILLY because it is so convenient. I can walk one block from my home and catch transportation to Center City. I find the SEPTA drivers to be so courteous and helpful, especially when someone is disabled. I must say that I have also had some very invigorating conversations with fellow passengers, everything from politics to their personal lives. I feel so fortunate that we have such a vibrant, caring transportation system in our city.

Tiffany: I'm commuter like many traveling to school, work, doctor appointment, and etc. I have been commuting by bus or train or both. I’ve been able to venture out to different areas in and out the city.

Lori: ISEPTAPHILLY because it’s mentally easier on me going between my job in the city & home in Montco. I get to read The Metro (if there’s any left), do the Sudoku, & less likely to want to wack someone as I would if I had to drive every day (I was not a happy person during the strike!). If only the BSL ran more precisely so I could consistently make my connection to my bus at Fern Rock...

Madelyn: I have ridden on SEPTA for as long as I can remember. I used SEPTA as my main means of transportation throughout high school, to get to school and to travel around the city. The most important reason for which I ride the regional rail currently is to attend classes at Temple University. Unfortunately, I could not afford to purchase the discounted pass provided by my university due to a car accident that I was in during August. Instead, I purchase a trail pass monthly. I pay for school independently, which gets very costly with out of pocket costs including some tuition, books, food, and transportation. I'm a full-time student who is also doing an internship through Temple as a peer teacher, in order to gain incredible experience. As much as I enjoy my internship, it does not give me enough time to also work a part-time job, so money has been very tight. This is the first semester out of my 3 and a half years in college that I haven't been able to work. Winning this monthly trail pass would help tremendously with the stress of paying for transportation. In addition, I would love to be able to travel throughout the city and enjoy the wonders of Philadelphia. I also enjoy riding SEPTA because the conductors are always very friendly and helpful, and the views from the train cart windows can be stunning.

Katherine: Because I live in a city, and public transportation should be the first option.

Liam: Why drive when I can just take the train? Parking sucks!

Lenora: I ride public transportation for the convenience.  I work in Center City and driving would be very stressful. Parking is expensive and limited.  I have met some amazing people on SEPTA over the years. People from all walks of life ride SEPTA and I am proud to be one.

Soneyet: Cheap and the 17 has more seats now.

Brenda: I don't have parking karma, and driving through the tight streets, careless pedestrians and obstacles (double parked vehicles, construction) just makes me irritable. Besides, the price is right! No ticket anxiety either...

Chris: Because I like to protect the environment! I'm breathing that air and prefer it with fewer exhaust fumes!

Josh: Because it’s cheaper than a car payment.

Joellen: I find riding SEPTA is easier than walking most times since I have seizures and can't drive. It also is a good place to hear very amusing stories from passengers and some very interesting conversations other passengers are having wither on the phone or with another passenger many that they don't even realize everyone can hear. It also is a little safer than walking since I know most of the drivers and they're familiar with my background. I've actually had a few drivers be nice enough to pull to the side while I was walking and tell me to get in to avoid getting sick. 

Ngozi: I SEPTA Philly because I like to have time on my way to work and back home to relax and reflect on my day. Catch up on emails, phone calls and the news. I feel safe, the conductors are professional and the train is reliable.

Billi: Because traffic on 95 is impossible and I can read a good book on the ride! It's the only time I read for pleasure.

David: My road rage driving up Broad Street during rush hour is too real. SEPTA Broad Street Line keeps me grounded and peaceful because of daily walking and riding 13 stations each direction.

Rebecca: Why do I ride SEPTA? Because I can't afford the PPA.

Labiq: I SEPTA PHILLY because I need to ride to school, go to my friend’s house, hang out at the mall, and to relax at the same. SEPTA is a place to relax and to be calm because of the cool air conditioning. I really enjoy SEPTA and I hope my SEPTA experience can be better.

Yeslie: I've adopted Philly as my adult home. I SEPTA Philly to people watch and eavesdrop on that Philly accent. Riding SEPTA has helped me feel like Philly is home.

Rebecca: I honestly love SEPTA. I grew up in a city where there wasn't reliable or safe public transportation. I live in Philly but work out in Plymouth Meeting, and I take the 27 almost every morning to work. I enjoy being able to slowly start my day - I walk to the bus stop, read a library book while I'm waiting, read or catch up on emails on the bus, and walk from my stop to work. I like that I don't have to stress out about traffic or the weather. I am able to take SEPTA pretty much anywhere I need to go, allowing me to save money and the hassle of driving and parking in the city.

Ryan: So I don't have to worry about the drivers of DE and PA

Stephanie: I use SEPTA many times each week. My West Philadelphia neighborhood is served by 3 trolley lines so it's easy to use. When I need to go somewhere along the trolley or Market Frankford Line, using SEPTA is much better than driving or waiting for Uber or Lyft. I don't have to worry about parking or traffic. I don't have to download an app or track surprise expenses. Even trips to and from the suburbs are more relaxing when I use SEPTA. What's a city without mass transit? A city without mass transit just isn't worth living in, so I support SEPTA.


I SEPTA Philly:

Because I believe in public transportation

Because it is efficient

Because it is keeping cars off of the road

Because it helps my family and I get to piano lessons, soccer practice, Phillies games, dentist appointments, to work, to school, dinners, concerts and home!

Joanna: I love SEPTA because I would be broke if I explored the city using Uber and Lyft.

Daniel: Because it's one "El" of a way to get around the city!

Carole: I'm too anxious to learn how to drive on the roads. (I'm 34 years old lol)

Lee: I take SEPTA because I'm tired of driving.  I'd rather spend my time reading and playing Candy Crush.  Driving time is lost time.

William: I use SEPTA as a choice rider, meaning that I own a truck and could drive to work. But I work in the city, where just to park is the cost of owning another car, not to mention that the streets from the western burbs into the city are absolutely inadequate and in utter disrepair. So, I use SEPTA because it's affordable, efficient and good for the environment.

Claire: I use public transportation because it allows me some much-needed distressing time when I commute to and from work at the hospital. Whether it’s reading a book, chatting with strangers, or playing a game on my phone, it’s a whole lot more relaxing (and cheaper!) than yelling at cars as I try to find a parking space.

Rachel: I used to ride my bike whenever possible, but now that I have this recurring posterior-related issue, biking is strenuous and difficult, especially for commuting. So SEPTA it is! It also doesn't hurt (ha!) that it picks me up & drops me off no more than two blocks from my start and end locations.

John: Because I have absolutely no choice but to do so. Honestly, SEPTA is shameful considering the size of the city and can barely manage the limited service routes it provides.

B: It's convenient, sustainable, and beats sitting in traffic.

Jackie: I take SEPTA because parking is insanely expensive in University City and the commute from Fishtown on the MFL is easy. I never drive in center city or University City if I can help it

Stanley: I have taken SEPTA to school and to work since 1974. SEPTA has always provided a time to reflect before the day, and to do things for myself (read, meditate, etc.) – your “me-time” commercial is totally correct. It also lets me start the day without the stress of traffic. Finally, it is convenient to my home – my train station is less than ten minutes away.

Tim: I’ve given up driving.

Stephen: Because parking is expensive and inconvenient.

Debbie: I’m medically unable to drive so I depend on SEPTA to get to and from work.

TY: It takes me where I want to go and I never need to look for a place to park. If you never ride, you should give it a few rides

Hugo: I ride SEPTA for the convenience, commuting from Northern Liberties to the new FMC tower, and while I could easily drive I like the thought of saving the environment and not using gasoline.

Bill: I use SEPTA because I got places to go, I got Philly to see!  You should be asking those other people why they DON'T!  

Jimmy: I began coaching my local youth hockey team several years ago and recently moved into Center City for work. I was lucky enough that just about all of the major rinks around the area are located nearby a SEPTA train or bus station. I do not have a car with me in the city, but I did not want to give up coaching because of my commute. So I will hop on SEPTA after work a few times a week and head out to the suburbs to continue coaching. I’m thankful that we have a robust transportation network that allows people to get to the places they need to go (for the most part!). I love being on the ice and watching the team grow, as well as giving back to the community that I grew up in. I also know that I am reducing my carbon footprint by taking public transportation, as well as saving money from not having a car. To anyone reading this, keep building things near the SEPTA train stations! It makes travel between Philadelphia and the suburbs so much easier, but unfortunately, there are still so many important destinations that are not served by SEPTA because they are not being built near the stations. Such an underutilized resource for our area and our roads are already so jammed up as it is. Also, increase frequency on the Regional Rail lines!

Latasha: I do SEPTA cause it beats the gas prices and it’s a place where I can get on the bus just to ride downtown to clear my head. To hop on the bus to KOP to do a little shopping. I have been riding SEPTA since I was 13 going down South Street to shop and that was the first time my mom let me ride by myself and I never looked back.

Cassie: I don't drive and taking SEPTA allows me to get to work and play. I love that it is convenient and can pretty much get you all over the city.

Alexis: I love SEPTA because it makes my commute easier. The drivers are always friendly and I enjoy riding SEPTA. It’s reliable even in bad weather. SEPTA is an experience that every Philadelphian so have.

Shykies: I SEPTA Philly to keep cars off the road, the air clean (because air quality Is everyone's business), and also the Novas and Xcelsiors are amazing pretty. So are the New Flyer Hybrids.

Jerrick:  I SEPTA Philly because it’s the only way to commute to Philadelphia without a car and I like all the different things you get to see every day.

Kim: I always take SEPTA when coming into the city from NJ. It is cheaper and more convenient than driving. It gets me where I want to go, whether it is Citizens Bank Park for the Phillies, the Linc for Temple, or the Center for concerts and the Sixers, without the worry about paying to park, traffic or accidents. I also take it to the zoo and museums around the city. There is no other way to get around Philly but to take SEPTA!!!

Domennick: I SEPTA Philly because since I don't have a license to drive or a car, I find it cheaper for myself to travel on SEPTA’s public transit. I ride a bike because it's exercise and I ride the MFL everyday with my bike.

TaShawna: Riding SEPTA allows me to see and encounter many different people. Being able to sit next to a stranger and have a conversation right now is awesome. With everything going on in the world, it’s awesome to connect and share a smile. 

Eva: No need to find and pay for parking...makes the day easier!

Robert: It's easier than looking for a parking space.  Getting in and out of Philly is a breeze when using SEPTA.  Reading Terminal Market and The Italian Market, are so easy to get to using SEPTA.  Why pay for parking during sporting events when SEPTA makes easy to get in and out quickly.

Kathy: I love ISEPTAPHILLY!!  I ride Regional Rail every day to get to work. Love the conductors, meeting new friends and the art along the way....  SEPTA IS AWESOME!

Christie: As an exchange student in Philadelphia, I want to make the most of every second worth of exploring and discovering. The only way I can get around to do that is by SEPTA buses and trolleys. It's affordable, clean, comfortable and eco-friendly. So far I've been down to the Citizens Bank arena, the Magic Gardens, Fishtown (to get my first tattoo, and see my favorite artist live at the Fillmore), a cat cafe, the aquarium in New Jersey and countless other places (including of course the SEPTA museum in Center City) that I doubt have been able to get to without SEPTA running all through Philadelphia and the surroundings. I'm on a pretty tight budget, so Uber and cabs aren't really ideal plus with Philly traffic, it takes double the time to get anywhere. Stops are convenient to practically everywhere so you hardly even have to walk (especially useful as summer keeps rearing its boiling hot head...- which is also why the air conditioning on SEPTA transport is such a blessing!!!)

Sonya: I love SEPTA just for sightseeing.

Michele: I SEPTA PHILLY as parking in Center City is way too much money. So much easier, quicker and cheaper to hop on the El.

Cooper: I ride SEPTA because it is a convenient and efficient way for me to travel to my job outside of the City. I appreciate that the drivers on SEPTA's buses are always cheerful which helps to add a nice pep to my step every morning, or really whenever I am feeling down. I also love being able to do work on my way to work and not have to worry about driving myself. SEPTA rocks!

Kyle: Public transportation is an important function for cities, and Philly is no exception. Thus, SEPTA is an integral part of Philadelphia, as well as the surrounding counties served by it. For me, SEPTA helps me travel to and from location to location in a timely matter. Also, busses now have chargers onboard, so I can continue to remain connected on the go without having my battery die on me. SEPTA continues to improve each and every year, and I am thankful for that as a resident of Philadelphia.

Nikisha: I SEPTA Philly because my 4-year-old loves all things SEPTA. He has memorized the entire express train route to and from Olney Transportation Center. He gets excited whenever we get to take a new bus. He likes it I love it. If you ever hear about a little boy calling it the stops on the train between 7:05 and 7:20 AM on the express train from Olney that would be him.

Pat: Efficient and easy access anywhere. Why drive!

Denae: To get to work.

Denise: I use SEPTA to get to work; I use the MFL to 13th Street, or the 5 Bus and the 17 Bus.  I use SEPTA to go to my second job as well. I take the MFL to 15th and then the southbound BSL to AT&T Station.  I do drive because with the parking in Center City, it is more convenient to take SEPTA.

Chelby: I use SEPTA because is a convenient way for me to go to work Monday thru Friday, grocery shopping, and to the hair salon. I buy the Monthly TransPass and that covers everything. Easy and practical.

Christal: I SEPTA Philly for numerous reasons. The first is that the Broad Street Line gets me from Fern Rock Transportation Center to City Hall in less than 20 minutes. That is faster than driving myself. This train stays on this schedule almost seamlessly. Parking in Center City can cost a pretty penny daily or even with a monthly pass. Third, the Broad Street Line is one of the safest modes of transportation, especially during the early morning rush. I also admire that the Broad Street Line is virtually unaffected by winter storm weather. A fourth point I would like to make is that the SEPTA workers at Fern Rock in the morning are always accommodating and show great hospitality.

Kimberly: I SEPTA Philly because it’s the easiest way for me to visit my daughter, a patient at HUP Abrahamson Cancer Center, every single day. She was admitted in August with a diagnosis of leukemia four months after delivering a baby girl. It’s the best and most economical way to get back and forth. I also enjoy people watching, great characters and people who make Philly the great city it is...

Kathy: Primarily I ride SEPTA PHILLY for my daily commute to/from work.   Although I am blessed to work in a Center City building with free parking I prefer to take public transit as I am apprehensive about driving on highways (e.g. Schuylkill Expressway aka "Sure Kill Expressway", I-95, Broad Street, etc.).  In inclement weather, this is especially true. This also gives me an opportunity to people watch and get in my daily devotional readings plus the Daily News.  It is also handy for a quick trip after work as a treat to Macy's or the Reading Terminal Market.

Raina: I use SEPTA EVERY DAY.  I honestly prefer SEPTA over rideshare anyway.  I currently work full time, so I use the 14 (from Langhorne Train Station) to Frankford then hop on the El then get off at Erie-Torresdale to get the 56 to my job. I also have a 2-year-old, so Regional Rail on the weekends is our go-to for downtown fun. Then there are the weekly grocery store trips, library adventures, doctors’ appointments, and mall fun with the baby! 

John: I SEPTA Philly for the convenience.  I don't have to do the driving and worry about traffic and when I arrive at my destination I don't have to worry about parking. Oh, did I mention that I can have a conversation safely or just relax on the way? Another plus is the courteous and friendly SEPTA workers that will help with directions and points of interest.

James: SEPTA is not just a mode of transportation; SEPTA is a way of life. It is how I get to work, how I see friends, and how I do good for the environment. I have been riding SEPTA since before I can remember. Field trips in elementary school to learn the wonders of science at the Franklin Institute and of culture at Reading Terminal. As the years passed by it was transportation to see friends, and the path to and from school giving me freedom and responsibility. Now it is my transport of choice Monday through Friday to get to work. Drivers, you can have your personal space, I’ll take SEPTA any day.

Latetia: I SEPTA PHILLY because it takes me everywhere I need to go.. .from family and work to friends and good times. I can see different historical sights and watch different nationalities interact. Let's NOT forget the train rides with PHILLY FANS... SPEECHLESS!!!

Eileen: I use SEPTA to not only go to work but I check out how neighborhoods have changed over the years. My old neighborhood, I'm from the Fairmount section, has changed a lot with new houses and businesses. So many people live in this area now it's amazing. Another reason is the buses are warm in the winter and cool in the summer. I'm also glad they renovated the old trolleys. They're awesome.

Rhnea: I ride SEPTA because of more convenience for me no road rage. It gets me where I want to go on time with no hassle about finding a parking space. I just love riding SEPTA.

Mary: It's wonderful to learn that riding public transportation conserves energy but for me, it serves so much more.  I am getting older which means parts of me hurt lots. I rather bypass traffic that's at standstill for city blocks. This also means I get to my destination quicker too. So thanks to the nice conductors, and transit police who assures my safety. And these are the reasons why #ISEPTAPHILLY.

Xena: I use SEPTA to get to school. I use SEPTA to get to work. I use SEPTA literally every day. If it wasn't for SEPTA I wouldn't have been able to be with my dad when he passed away. SEPTA provides me a chance for many opportunities. I really have no idea what I would do without SEPTA. 

Rau: Last year, my girlfriend used to commute from Downingtown to Philadelphia, for school, four days a week. We used to text and Snapchat a lot while she was on the train. Now, she lives in Philadelphia for school and we see each other less, but I use the SEPTA R5 to commute from Downingtown to Philly on weekends to see her. Our love would be such a greater challenge without SEPTA Regional Rail.

Felicia: Because I literally wouldn't have a job without it!

Asa: I ride SEPTA because it allows me to really prepare myself mentally for work and best of all I usually see someone I grew up with that I had been wondering how they are doing in life. Thanks, SEPTA.

Adiel: I'm a university student, and SEPTA trains are the only way for me to have access to my family. It is so nice knowing that I can bring work with me, study on the train, and get to spend quality time with the people that matter to me when I need a healthy break from the commotion of energetic city life!

Stanley: I have taken SEPTA to school or work since 1974. I find the commute time invaluable, for several purposes:

1) Meditation to ground me for the upcoming day.  (The quiet car on the Regional Rail train has been very helpful for this.)

2) I can read for pleasure or, if necessary, for work, without interruption.

3) Occasionally, I see neighbors or work acquaintances, with whom I can catch up (which I might not otherwise do).

Sharon: I love SEPTA because there's nothing like it in the world. SEPTA is like a box of chocolates you never know what you're going to get when you get on the bus,  the El, the train or the trolley.

Jennifer: I’m currently on the SEPTA train at this moment. I take SEPTA every day to and from school. It’s convenient and useful for me as a college student. The train is a huge part of my day because it is my way to and from the school where I need to be.

Kristin: I SEPTA Philly with my kids because nursery rhymes are more fun when you get to experience them in real life. The wheels on the bus go round and round, all through the town!

Denise: I ride SEPTA to avoid getting stuck in traffic. It seems everywhere you go on any given day anymore there is a lot of traffic even if it isn't rush hour. I got so tired of getting stuck in traffic that I have given up driving and ride SEPTA everywhere, avoiding a lot of stress in my life!!

David: I don't own a car. I have a doctor in Center City Philadelphia and I live in Doylestown, PA. I am disabled and SEPTA gives me a reduced fare rate. I always enjoy the ride.

Erica: I SEPTA PHILLY to get to work quickly and to avoid traffic.

Jozlyn: I ride SEPTA to work almost every day.  It's convenient, less money, and no traffic. I don't know how to drive and don't have access to a car so I let SEPTA get me where I need to be and SEPTA has never let me down.

Monae: #ISEPTA to and from all of Philadelphia’s greatest foods, concerts, schools, jobs, rallies, and meetings. The greatest love is riding SEPTA’s new buses with flat screens. Bringing new innovations to the City of Brotherly Love is one of the reasons I love Philly and why #ISEPTAPHILLY.

William: SEPTA has always been part of the fabric of my life. I started catching SEPTA by myself when I was seven years old back in 1975. I would catch the 31 Bus at 63rd and Market Street and take it to 35th and Barrand Street to go to Powell  School. I was in the second grade. I’m 49 years old and I still catch SEPTA every day.

Loretta: I like to see the city people watch also I can relax and read a book.

David: I SEPTA PHILLY to get the most bang for my buck -- getting to the places I need to be when I need to be there-- while at the same time promoting energy conservation and community-oriented transportation.

Tim: I take the bus to work and back. When going to Philly to see my doctor for a check-up I take the bus and the El. 

Norlean: I ride SEPTA first and foremost because I work in Center City and live in Germantown. I get to work in under 40 minutes which is great! I can take many modes of transportation. I love the Regional Rail which affords me a much quieter and smoother ride. I like buses because they go just about everywhere the Regional Rail and Subway/El doesn’t. I can get to where ever I need to in the city with maybe two transfers.

Stephanie: I SEPTA Philly because public transportation supports the environment, and the train is the perfect place to study for nursing school.

Katherine: I SEPTA Philly because I'm not only supporting the environment, but I'm saving myself a ton of cash on gas and parking in the city and suburbs. I SEPTA Philly to buy food, get to work, visit friends, and get to entertainment venues inexpensively, safely, all while conserving energy and knowing that I'm not contributing to pollution.

Danita: I SEPTA Philly because it's more convenient than having to sit in traffic and rush to work or elsewhere in a vehicle of your own. You can just go into your phone check SEPTA Transit Watch and be on time. SEPTA is stress-free and also lets me meet new people. You experience and get to see so much while riding on SEPTA. I have been a SEPTA passenger since I was about five years of age and honestly it taught me well how to get around and along with others from different kinds of neighborhoods and cities. Thanks, SEPTA.

Brian: I SEPTA Philly because when I drink I don’t drive and don’t want to hurt anybody.

Dwayne: SEPTA is a convenient way for me to go back and forth to work. It saves me time and money traveling in and out of the city! And most of the drivers are polite and pleasant you can have a good conversation with them while you enjoy your trip.

Bernard: I can leave out my front door catch the bus and I can go anywhere in Philly and the suburbs without a car.

William: I love riding SEPTA it’s easy and all ways fun.

Lovella: I use SEPTA due to living in South Philly it's convenient for getting to work and other places I need to.  I can watch my television programs you just relax and not have to worry about driving with two million crazy people trying to turn a one hour drive into a fifteen-minute drive.  Not to mention the parking situation in my neighborhood.

Jamie: I have a small wellness business in the city & for me to be able to leave the driving to someone else while I tackle tasks I usually don't have the time to tackle during my recovery time, is more than a blessing. I'm super grateful for SEPTA's convenience & friendly drivers.

Benjamin: I use SEPTA every day including weekends to get from my Center City apartment to work at Einstein.  My job is hectic and I sometimes work 7 days a week so I can rely on SEPTA for transportation every day.  It's also my opportunity to relax and have no stress.

Hope: Going to work and taking my kids to their doctors. I also ride SEPTA to go pay my bills & go food shopping and take my kids to go get what they need.

Bob: It's convenient and cheap. Why put up with the hassle of finding a parking spot or the $15 plus for parking when exact change and a transfer can put me anywhere in the city while I surf Twitter and find cool contests like this SEPTA one.

Robin: I take SEPTA to go to work. Cheaper than Uber or renting a Zipcar and it can take me almost anywhere on time.

Brad: It takes me to tacos.

Ryan: I’m an international student from Switzerland in my first semester studying at Arcadia University, and SEPTA is my way to discover all the things I’ve never seen, done or eaten that Philly has to offer! Personal highlight so far: definitely Reading Terminal Market.

Dolly: What can one say? SEPTA: a way to get almost anywhere. Meet new people see things you never knew where there before.

Joseph: Why do I SEPTA Philly? SEPTA is always there for me as a casual civilian without a license. So SEPTA is there for whenever I need to get to destination A to B. I'm not a Philadelphia resident I live in the suburbs outside of Philadelphia and I love hopping on the Trolley get to 69th Street then taking the MFL through the United States most beautiful city. We all love and adore PHILADELPHIA. SEPTA takes me into Center City so fast I prefer it more than a car ride to be honest. I love looking out the windows of the trains above and underground all the art and history Philadelphia has to. The encounters I have on every ride and just knowing how big the city is and to find out about people's lives. SEPTA brings everyone in Philadelphia together.  I don't know what I'd do if SEPTA wasn't available here.  I even wonder how non-Philadelphians live and go on about their lives.

Sherri: I SEPTA every day to work.

Nancy: I use SEPTA because I let my friend borrow my car and he totaled it. Since then I realized how convenient and cheaper SEPTA and RideECO is and decided not to replace my car.

Colin: I use the 22 Bus, 55 Bus and the Warminster Line train practically every day to get to and from my doctor's appointments at CHOP.

Kyle: I've been taking SEPTA since I was a kid. That's how my mother and I got around the city as well as to school and work.

Harold: I salute SEPTA for many reasons. I am a 30-year retired Army Master Sergeant; a 35-year retired Postal Employee, and a 39-year Community Service Volunteer. Although I drive, for convenience and expediency, I have used SEPTA many, many times to get to work, to get to an important Community Service activity, and to go to the doctors without having to worry about parking or traffic. SEPTA is a vital part of the Philadelphia business and cultural experience. Thanks to SEPTA, seniors, visitors, and non-residents can navigate the city and region easily to get to sporting events, cultural events, and visit family and friends. Thank you SEPTA for all you do to make life a lot easier all of us.

Vy: I ride SEPTA every day to get to school. Without SEPTA, I would not be able to go to school and get my education. College is very expensive and so are gas prices, so by riding SEPTA I save some money, which I use to buy textbooks and school supplies. Besides school, I actually make little impact on the environment, it may not be noticeable, but if each day a person join to ride septa instead of driving their own car,  the air would be a bit more fresh every day.  

Saema: I ride SEPTA public transportation because I believe in clean air as a basic human right. As an asthmatic, I am personally affected by the high air pollution in Philadelphia -- it quite literally makes breathing difficult for me and nearly 300,000 of my neighbors. Carbon dioxide emissions that would have resulted from SEPTA riders driving are instead significantly reduced by using SEPTA. The more people avoid driving and take SEPTA, the cleaner our Philadelphia becomes. Wouldn't it be nice to enjoy a deep breath of fresh, clean air?

Kelli: SEPTA provides many ways of transportation for the working and non-working people around the city of Philadelphia. I appreciate it and that's why I ride SEPTA because it helps the world commute and get us around the City of Brotherly Love.

Mia: Because I don't have a car. Plus you always see something funny on SEPTA, especially on the Market-Frankford Line.

Charlene: Because I love the planet and riding SEPTA Regional Rail to work. It gives me two hours back in my busy day to unwind.

Ayana: I SEPTA because it is so much more convenient than finding parking. SEPTA has more buses running and I love the new 24-hour trains on the weekend.

Lisa: I live in Philly, and I work for PATCO. I ride SEPTA because it gives me a chance to relax before I get to work instead of being stressed from traffic. I need my energy to be the best job dealing with passengers. I love riding SEPTA I always brag about how the transportation in Philly is so convenient. Thanks SEPTA keep building the system to be better.

Irene: I take the Regional Rail into work and I love it. It is so relaxing and I enjoy that very much. The trains are so clean and the ticket masters are so polite.

Gail: I use SEPTA for everything like going to the markets, doctors, or just to ride. I am an old lady that is bored so I get on the bus and go to a mall and see friends. And I can't walk too good so need the bus very much. I am so glad for SEPTA.

Dianne: I always take SEPTA when I go into the city. It’s easier than trying to drive and way cheaper than parking. I love the ease of SEPTA.

Rachelle: I like SEPTA because it relaxing and convenient.

Jackie: Because I live in deep South Philly, where everyone has at least two cars and never seems to move them!

Nancy: SEPTA is my only way of transportation to go anywhere. Work, doctor's appointments, shopping, and visit family and friends... thanks for giving me an opportunity for a chance to win.


To get from place to place,

To ensure I see face to face,

To minimize my carbon footprint,

And explore the city of brotherly love.

Teresa: SEPTA is a very convenient and a stress-free way to travel. If you’re lucky enough you also get to talk with and meet some really cool people!!! I’ve made a few good friends over the years thanks to SEPTA!!!!

Matt: I SEPTA Philly to... escape the daily grind of sitting in traffic on I-95 from Bucks County to West Philly... to ease my way into the workday by reading the Metro... to unwind after a long day by catching up on news/social media on my phone... to observe the beautiful views of the city like the 6ABC Zoo Balloon... to get downtown to run a half marathon race... and then to bask in the glow on the ride home while wearing my medal.

Joyce: I was the first member of my immediate family to earn a driver's license and get to own a really decrepit car, and have my parent's burdened with footing the Insurance and maintenance of the vehicle. I was a white-knuckle, couldn't parallel park, make left turns in heavy traffic, or get into gear on I-95 and change lanes type of driver. In words; three years later I sold the care realizing I was an accident waiting to happen, to me any passengers, or other vehicle occupants near me.  So SEPTA became again my most often relied upon mode of transportation.

Sarah: I SEPTA Philly because SEPTA takes me places I could never get to on my own. I take the Regional Rail from Clifton/Aldan all the way to my classes up at Temple Station twice a day. SEPTA allows me to get to where I need to be, to study and continue my education. SEPTA takes me down the 102 Trolley so I can get to my job, saving me time, and allowing me to support myself and my family! I would never be able to do either of these things without SEPTA! That's why I SEPTA Philly!

Stephany: I like to ride SEPTA because I get to see some of the city that have never seen before and I've lived here all my life and it's very convenient for me and it's like I have my own personal tour of the city by taking SEPTA.

Rowen: I love SEPTA. I use it all the time to get around.

Nicole: It gives me two tickets to paradise.

Thomasina: I SEPTA Philly because it gets me to where I want to go in a convenient timeframe. Whether it’s to school, to work, or just to go hang out with friends.

John: I SEPTA Philly, sometimes just because, to get out and enjoy the ride and see interesting people while enjoying great music, sometimes to see the greatest spots in Philly, sometimes to take awesome pictures capturing the Philadelphia skyline as my train is approaching my stop, sometimes just to take pictures of the art on the buses and trains that graffiti artist have vandalized, and most importantly to pick my daughter up from school. Sometimes when I do pick my daughter up from school she wants to take the bus and she enjoys the bus or train ride. All in all SEPTA is and always will be my means of transportation even when I was driving and had my own car there were just some places that I absolutely had to take the bus and or train to. SEPTA is definitely one of my cooing skills as well.

Elizabeth: I have traveled to work using SEPTA for the past six years. It helps me save on parking. Thank you SEPTA!

Shirley: I ride SEPTA because it's eco-friendly,  not dirty, safe, and fast. This is all true no matter the naysayers. I also value the views of the city on my way through Germantown and North Philly from Mount Airy. But most of all, I love all the funky fellow passengers and their stories, sometimes by listening, other times imagining.

Natalie: I ride SEPTA to save money by not having to own, maintain, insure, park and gas a car. My monthly TransPass gets me almost everywhere I need to be. Plus, I ride SEPTA buses, subways, trolleys and trains to reduce the stress in my life. Driving can be super stress-inducing and I'd rather pass it off to the professionals so I can enjoy a book or check out the sites outside the bus window. Finally, I ride to keep one less car on the road and hopefully do my part in making our city cleaner and impacting our world and environment a little less.

Beverly: Because as I ride I get to meet people and see the sites and streets of Philadelphia

Shevaun: The passengers. I kept a blog all about my trolley experiences:

Eric: I think I will start by explaining my daily commute. I live in Conshohocken, and I work in Center City in the Public Ledger Building. I take the 95 bus to Conshohocken Station then get on the Manayunk/Norristown line to Jefferson Station. From there, I take the Market/Frankford Line from 11th Street to 5th Street Station. I walk a short distance to work from there. I am new to the area and I find this commute very reliable. I have saved tons of money and time by avoiding rush hour traffic. I am able to go a long distance in 45 minutes when I know it would take me much longer in a car! I would recommend SEPTA to anyone in Montgomery County who commutes into the city like me!

Theresa: I SEPTA Philly because of the convenience. I don't own a car but can get anywhere I need to go with SEPTA.

Jim: Because I’m very appreciative of the courtesy and benefit SEPTA has extended to us senior citizens by offering free transportation throughout the city by showing proper ID. The bus drivers are always very courteous with answering any riders’ questions, especially the tourists, even though their patience has probably been stretched to limit at times. Well done SEPTA!

Angela: Cause it’s my main source of transportation.  

Taylor: I SEPTA Philly because it's easier and a lot cheaper to get to Center City for school every day!!! I continue to take SEPTA because their bus drivers are so nice and the cashiers in the booths or workers walking around at the train stations are so helpful when you need help with anything.

Rachel: I do not drive or ride a bike. I can walk some places, but not all, and Uber and Lyft are a waste of time and money. SEPTA it is!

Steven: I can't remember the last time I drove and parked my car in downtown Philadelphia. It might be close to over a year now, because I SEPTA Philly from Fern Rock all the time. While Regional Rail stations are an easy 5 minutes away, a 30-35 minute drive to Fern Rock TC for a subway that runs all night is more than reasonable.

Ahmed: I SEPTA because ever since I was a boy I enjoyed getting around the city on the bus it allows me to see the beauty of the city and to meet new people and hear great conversations with strangers about the topics of the day. There’s such an amazing feeling being on the Broad Street Line on game day seeing all the Eagles, Sixers, or Flyers fans crowded on the train decked out in their home teams apparel. Go Eagles, Go SEPTA!!!

John: Because I don't own a car, can't afford a car, don't really like the idea of driving, and live in a city where everything I need is along the MFL or BSL.

Ria: I have to ride SEPTA to get to work.

Yvanna: I ride SEPTA because I'm going places.

Andrea: SEPTA routes are the veins of the city. If a city doesn't have public transportation it is dead. SEPTA is life.

Christine: I don't own a car, so SEPTA is the most cost-effective option for me.  It's much cheaper to take every day to work than gas, parking, insurance, and traffic would be in the long run.  I also like that I am ride sharing and making less of a carbon footprint.

Cait: I ride SEPTA because it's a cheap, easy way to get where I need to go (work, friend’s houses, the movies) without hurting myself or running late.

Diana: It's quick, easy, and saves time on my commute. Uber is great, but in a time of traffic, I'd much rather hop on the Broad Street Line and get home in a matter of minutes.

Melissa: I SEPTA Philly to college every day with the 66 Bus to the MFL to the 43 Bus to my school -Community College of Philadelphia!

Madeline: I catch the 34 Trolley to ride to 30th Street every day I have to work. It’s fast and convenient. They usually run every 10 minutes. Nice drivers and it only takes me about 15 to 20 minutes tops!

Letitia: Sometimes it’s the easy way. No parking, no problems. You can get dropped off in front of the door you can also take a cat nap. It all depends how far you have to go.

Alex: I SEPTA Philly for two main reasons. First, I love trains. I love the smell, the atmosphere, everything. I'll find any excuse I can to ride the train. Second, it helps me meet people. I've gone on over 400 dates by meeting people on SEPTA trains.

Pamela: I catch the 34 and BSL to and from work, to help my elderly mother and to get my grandson on the weekend. He loves catching the trains. Often showing the conductors his Thomas trains. It is a foundation of Philadelphia!

Eric: ISEPTAPHILLY because it's affordable, reliable and the bus drivers are always professional.

Kate: It’s the best way to get to work!

Ian: I SEPTA Philly to visit my family in the city.  I live in Newark, DE, right beside the Amtrak/SEPTA Station and with almost no effort can be in Philadelphia in a little over an hour.  For $13 (Independence Pass), I can visit my aunt in South Philly, my uncle in the Ben Franklin Parkway district, and my other uncle in Norristown all in the same day, again with minimal effort.

Angier: I SEPTA PHILLY to get to class to learn the best methods and practices for my future students. I SEPTA PHILLY to get to work to pay for Temple classes in the near future. I SEPTA PHILLY to get home to my sisters and brothers, to meet with friends, and volunteer wherever there are children. I use SEPTA to get where I need to go for the low.

Tori: Every day I have to travel to and from school work and my everyday errands. And riding SEPTA can be expensive. So if I can win this contest will be a huge relief. Thanks in advance.

Paulette: I ride SEPTA because I can go anywhere at any time and not have to worry about driving. I can arrive safely without having to drive defensively or use rearview/side view mirrors. Riding SEPTA allows me to relax, listen to music (ear buds) or read. None of those would be possible while driving. I use SEPTA for work,  medical appointments, and social events. No strangers just professionally trained drivers.  #Winning

Leslie: I will use this SEPTA pass to explore Philly! I love to travel into Philly from the suburbs because it's simply the best option. It's clean, they have friendly conductors and you can get to see so much that Philly has to offer stress free!

Melissa: I ride so my children can go to school outings. My children are homeschooled and my husband works and I do not drive.

Alana: I SEPTA PHILLY because it’s my MAIN mode of transportation to the Center City office where i work. I love the comfort and convenience of the train.  I love a quiet car every now and then. I love looking out the window and daydreaming.

Danielle: I SEPTA Philly because I work near the city and traffic is crazy and also saving time on train and less of carbon footprint with less pollution from another car on the road. I love catching the BSL - it’s quick and easy to understand and I also love the express to the Phillies games !!

Kevin: The main reason why I SEPTA Philly is partly due to my work and residential location. My commute to work from home takes approximately 20 minutes. I use the Chestnut Hill West Line.

Sheila: I ride SEPTA not only because it saves wear & tear on my car, but because I already drive a stressful hour to Lansdale station -two hours on the road in and then 2.5 hours minimum to get home would be too much! I can nap in the quiet car the rest of the way into Philly without any road rage; it's just safer and less stressful.

Cheryl: It is a convenient way to get around the area. SEPTA gets me where I need to go safely and on time.

Donnell: Because I can read and do things while I am on the bus like sleep and it is cheaper than driving.

Syreeta : I ride SEPTA because I don't have a car and love to save energy. The cars in my neighborhood fill the air with pollution and I believe SEPTA is a safe and convenient way to travel.

Christine: This past May we had our first baby. When talking about whether I'd go back to work, we ultimately decided I would because it allows us to properly save for his future education, our retirement and more. SEPTA allows me to commute into the city on a budget instead of putting wear and tear on my car and paying Philadelphia parking lot fees. Lastly, SEPTA allows me to work on the train so I'm able too take earlier trains out of the city in order to be home at a reasonable time.

Waltrina: I SEPTA Philly because since moving here to Philadelphia in 1970 it has always been my families means of transportation. I can remember riding the Woodland Avenue Trolley way before they brought out the newer addition. I remember riding literally where you had the bus fare box where you could watch the coins slide down. I've had many cars but none of them have been more reliable then riding septa. Yes sometimes riding septa like anything else can be annoying but for the most part I'm delighted that it is a part of our city. I appreciate how they continuously make riding a newer and better way of traveling every day. There are many reasons to SEPTA Philly.

Sunil: Because it's there. The existing infrastructure is one of the more impressive in the United States. We have the largest light-rail system in the country!

Nik: I SEPTA PHILLY, because it’s better on my wallet and the environment.

Avery: I ride SEPTA because using a car is less efficient and wasteful. SEPTA can also get me near everywhere I need to, at all times. The subway stops are frequent enough that all are within walking distance from main roads and buses and trolleys get me to the "harder to get to" areas.

Donita: I ride SEPTA for the convenience and the easy accessibility to every part of the city. There may be minor delays sometimes, but that is to be expected with any mode of transportation. I love riding SEPTA because it gets me there!

Karla: I SEPTA Philly to reduce pollution from driving and it's easier to get around CC Philly. My 10 year old loves trains, so that make ride SEPTA even more!

Ed: My family and I have been riding SEPTA for virtually my entire life. From when I was little, we would always take SEPTA out to the US Mint in Old City for Take Your Kids to Work Day since my Dad worked there. Later on, SEPTA became the best choice of transportation to college due to my early uneasiness towards driving and a cost-effective solution as compared to paying for gas and parking. To this day, about 99% of my commutes into Philadelphia from my home in Springfield, Delco is through SEPTA.


S - Saves my sanity - no driving

E - Enjoy reading on my long commute

P - Pay bills and play games

T - Time to catch up on social media

E - Eliminate driving in traffic!!!

SEPTA PHILLY is my only choice!  Thanks SEPTA!

Pat: I ride SEPTA because it's a fun way to get to my community college. Every time I hop on the bus, I carry a sense of adventure. Seeing riders I know and new ones too. When I get off, I thank the driver, feeling satisfied.

Sherri: To put the bread and butter on my table. I work in King of Prussia.

Cathleen: As a new transplant to Philadelphia, I find there is no better way to meet my neighbors from across the city. Philly is full of wonderful, interesting people and sharing a ride with them on train or trolley (or sometimes bus) sparks the energy I draw upon throughout the day.

William: I SEPTA Philly because it is much more convenient than I-95 traffic yo.

Brianna: I SEPTA PHILLY because it is easily accessible especially within Philadelphia! It is economically AND environmentally friendly. We are reducing energy, CO2 gas, and harmful pollutions all the while making new friends on the trains/buses/trolleys on our way to our destination.

Dayzze:  I ride SEPTA, not just because it helps my family pocket, also it helps the millions of people on the roads one less car in their way, and I get to enjoy my mommy time before I get to chaos. So it's a win win.

Robin: I SEPTA PHILLY because I can get to any of my many job sites in 30 minutes or less on SEPTA. My carbon footprint is smaller and my step count higher because I SEPTA PHILLY. Delaware and Philadelphia are in the palm of my hand because I SEPTA PHILLY. My sister met the love of her life on SEPTA. Maybe I will too.

Tyler: Elementary school consisted of a five-minute drive to the same school for nine years. My first drive was my first day of morning kindergarten and my last: on the day of my 8th-grade graduation. It seems like I lived in the car for those nine years. When I was in high school, I was forced to ride and eventually, drive, about 15 minutes to school each day. As our high school was regional, and in a very small area of northern New Hampshire, there is no public transportation. I could only dream of something like SEPTA when I was 14. Instead, I got in the car and struggled through 15 minutes of my mom's 80's Hairband radio station to only be even more embarrassed by the honking of her horn upon drop off. After all, it was high school, not elementary school. SEPTA, or any regional transit system, would have saved me from the 80's station (which I now love) and my mom's embarrassing send-off honk. Now that I am a Temple University student, I get to most of my classes by walking. However, SEPTA enables me to take my education to Center City, Old City and South Philadelphia. Now, I use SEPTA each week. From volunteering my time in South Philly, to assignments in Center City, SEPTA is a saving grace for a small-town guy. Without SEPTA, I'd be stuck on campus doing homework all the time, and now, I can spend my time helping others and engaging in extra-curricular activities and field trips in beautiful Philadelphia.  I spent every day in a car for 13 years of elementary and high school. The worst thing about the car - it was always with the same people and the same conversation. This is another reason I am so glad SEPTA is a part of my university. I get to travel with an entirely new group of people every time. When I do see a familiar face, the conversation is always engaging and amazing. I think I have learned just as much from visiting with people on my SEPTA trips, as I have in the classroom. Different skills, but both important. 


Comment why YOU SEPTA PHILLY below!

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